Key reason why you need to know your audience segment


You can’t target everyone! Every Content Marketeer worth his salt knows that and makes it a top priority to segment their target audience. They spend great effort and energy in understanding their audience’s needs and pain points. Once they understand what people out there are looking for, they would go about with razor-sharp focus (inch wide & mile deep) after their audience hitting them with value bombs ( word courtesy Dumas).

A great way to define a ‘Content Strategy’  is to think about scratching an itch your audience has. Right at this moment, there are people out there looking for answers to certain problems. Can you help solve their problems? Can you provide them with real value?

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Why is this important?

Remember!!! People are not looking for content they are looking for solutions/answers. This could be as simple as finding shareable content that will make you look cool in front of your friends to something as complex as solving energy problem of the world. And when they find your content they won't judge if its an original idea or curated one as long it answers their query. It doesn’t matter and they will appreciate If your content helps them scratch their itch.

As you keep providing value you start building trust. Once you have built some faith in you then they will come back for more as long as their trust is not broken. Congratulations !! You now have a tribe.

What’s a Tribe?

Communities always existed, what digital technology has done is provided us with platforms to connect and communicate in a better way. When we build healthy connections in our lives we prosper both personally & emotionally. Some connections are by birth but many are built when people connect for a common objective. These connections or bonds formed over common agendas, beliefs, purpose or values many a time lead to the formation of Tribes. The members of such tribes are glued together by a common thread. Be it, social, culture, value or business related, this common purpose keeps them together. Many successful Brands & Influencers know the value of their tribes and are very protective of it.


Let's look at an example.  So one of the podcasts I follow & strongly recommend is ‘Smart Passive Income’ by Pat Flynn. As the name suggests, Flynn’s podcast revolves around helping people as they start their businesses and make some passive income on the side. What started as a side hustle is now a full-fledged business with hundreds of thousands of followers.  The followers of his podcast are all interested in starting a business, solving business problems faced by their businesses etc. These people come looking for answers and stay back when they find that they are amongst peers who are in the same boat. The podcast is a goldmine of the exact information they were looking for. Before they realise, they are part of a small tribe of connected people who are all bound by a common goal led by an influencer who’s been there and can guide them.  

"Focus on providing solutions to the problems faced by your target audience. This single tactic can help you connect with them in a much stronger way." 

So as a content marketer, it's important for you to start building your authority in your niche, grow your target audience and build a tribe.


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