Why brands need to live stream?

Video is a great marketing tool, there is no doubting that. However, it looks as though some businesses refrain from pursuing this opportunity despite of its tremendous benefits. The reason being, it’s expensive!

Truth is video has become more and more a cost effective solution. More so toaday due to LIVE STREAMING.

Live streaming is an extension of video marketing. It opens up an entirely new world of interactivity, and that’s something you should be taking advantage of.

Think about receiving prompt responses to a newly launched product or to have more meaningful and memorable interaction with customers?

Well, all these things can be done in the easiest way possible. All thanks to live streaming that has changed the way people and brands communicate today.

And not only us but even research says that.

Research and Market predict that the live streaming industry is going to reach $70 billion in 2021. The market figure was $30.29 billion in 2016.

Here’s a list of some iconic brands using live streaming regularly:

  1. Buzfeed: Throw a Crazy Stunt
  2. Airbnb: Live-stream Your Event
  3. Dunkin’ Donuts: Offer a Peek behind-the Scenes
  4. Starbucks: Show off Your Humanity


Live streaming is popping a lot of engagement on social media than any other form of content marketing. Social media marketers are tuning in Instagram, Facebook, YouTube to interact with people through live videos.

In this current digital world, it can be perceived that live streaming is the new TV with its ability to broadcast live events to huge audiences. And as of 2019, it has seen constant growth and has shown no signs of stopping.

Vloggers and influencers use live streaming to interact with their audience in real-time without needing the support of a teleprompter. And so can marketers.

Think about helping your audience in using the product or with any such queries. Wouldn’t it be an enormous opportunity to strengthen your bond with your customers, followers and fans by adding a personal touch?

the most impactful video trends of 2019 - download free ebook If you are a B2B marketer there’s an added advantage.

You can even use live streaming for interviews with experts in your business and can actually learn and share insights.

By doing this, your audience gets an assurance about your product from a person who is not promotionally associated with your business. It enhances brand credibility when a person with influence investing his / her time in your company’s business.

Few Brands have started adapting to the Live Streaming phenomenon. And we don’t want you as a marketer to fall behind.

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