Voice Marketing Guide for 2020

Voice marketing took a huge leap in 2011 when Apple introduced iPhone users to Siri and then again in 2014 when Amazon launched the Amazon Alexa, one of the most divisive products to date.

At the time, the idea of having mobile phones listening to us in our homes seemed like something out of a science fiction film.

Fast-forward a few years, voice technology has developed into a staple feature not only on smartphones but also across a variety of internet-enabled devices at home. 

There are countless possibilities for the development of voice technology.  One thing is obvious that voice search is taking off among consumers who are smitten with the new home voice assistant apps, including Amazon's Echo and Google Home. 

Owing to their novel utility, people have become increasingly fond of using wireless voice assistants and today, it doesn't only seem completely normal, but attractive and realistic. 

Alexa and other voice assistants have become an important part of daily life.

voice assistants


For most of us, an assistant who always listens to our messages, anticipates our every need and takes action where appropriate, is one of the greatest luxuries. However, this luxury is now possible thanks to voice assistants with artificial intelligence.

Voice assistants often come inbuilt in our devices and after hearing an order, may perform a number of acts. They can switch lights on, answer questions, play music, place orders online and much more.

It’s not so shocking that someday voice search would dominate the online search space. 


In fact, researchers show that in 2020, voice search will account for 50% of all online searches. The main reason behind this upward trend is the simple fact that it is more natural to speak than to type. Therefore, voice search feels more intuitive and informal. 

As the voice search technology develops, we find ourselves in a world where only the first response really matters. You don’t get to listen to the pages and pages of search results when you ask Amazon Alexa or Siri. 

They listen to your question, then go out and find the best possible answer to your particular question and only give you one answer. 

The role of a voice assistant is to present you with the most appropriate response.

That means you have to think about how your content can work in a world where voice search is increasingly gaining popularity.

Voice technology can help in marketing your brand.

Developing a voice search strategy is not just about being relevant. It's also about developing a unique and personalized customer experience that will improve relationships and create brand loyalty.

In the rapidly approaching age of voice marketing, if you want to stay competitive and significant, you can not continue to produce content that is built only for conventional web searches and web-based browsing.

With voice technology, you can create useful user insights that can lead to more personalized messages and content, which is a great way to enhance customer service. 

Additionally, voice technology will make interactions with brands more natural and seamless which foster relations and improves brand image.

Many businesses are being innovative with their voice strategies. 

Domino's allows pizza-lovers to order from the comfort of their sofa, without having to pick up the phone. With this unique experience, users of Echo and Dot devices will communicate with the personality of the pizza service, a character called Dom, who reacts in fun ways to queries.



Nestlé has also developed an ability that offers voice instructions as you cook.

As voice technology continues to evolve and become more mainstream among customers, the inclusion of a voice search strategy in your overall digital marketing plan is becoming increasingly important.

That means the way businesses create and deliver content in 2020 and beyond should step away from product-pushing and moving closer to educating and informing potential future consumers, particularly in a voice search environment.

Need to know more? Don’t worry, we are here to help!

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