The story of the world’s first 360 VR Google Doodle

Google doodles are those unmissable & attractive little drawings that Google uses to commemorate important events, people and personalities. Over the years, the doodles have matured from static art to animations, games. In it’s latest endeavour, Google has released the first ever VR / 360 Google Doodle and it is pure-wow!

The doodle celebrates the filmmaker Georges Méliès as it debuted on the anniversary of the release of one of his greatest cinematic masterpieces in 1912: “À la conquête du pôle” (“The Conquest of the Pole). It is only fitting to use a emerging medium like VR/360 for a personality like Georges Méliès who is considered as the father of Special Effects. First - An illusionist and then a filmmaker, Méliès experimented with various camera techniques (stop-motion, transitions, multiple exposure….) to transport viewers into magical worlds where anything was possible. He saw film-making as more than just a way to tell stories, he saw it as an opportunity to immerse people into & live the moment.

Made in collaboration with Google Spotlight Stories, Google Arts and Culture, Cinémathèque Française teams and Nexus Studios - the first ever 360 / VR Google Doodle stays true to the experimental nature of Georges Méliès.

You can experience the magic “Back to the Moon” through the Spotlight Stories app for iOS and Android, as well as on Google’s Daydream VR platform. And the company is also bringing the film to high-end VR headsets via Steam and Viveport as well. You can also check out the youtube version right here. :)


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