The "New Normal" of Email Marketing

With all the digital marketing strategies available to you, you may ask, what is the value of email marketing? 

Email marketing is one of the most successful ways to meet the public and engage them. 

As professionals, individuals and, yes, even customers, email is a big part of our lives. Think about this, how many people without an e-mail address do you know? There is a fair chance you will be able to count those people on one side.

Email Marketing is a tool for marketing your brand to a wider public. This gives you the ability to develop relationships with leads, and strengthen relationships with current and past clients. 

With the change in the entire market with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is also important to change the email marketing strategy to respond to a evolving and fragmented market's "new normal."

Any announcements on improvements to your operating hours, new facilities, new rules and regulations or whether you close for a period of time can also be posted via email as well as on your company listings.

Many service providers have started selling goods and services online and have exchanged links via email to those online stores.

To keep your customers updated and letting them know how they can continue to support your company is extremely important.

Keep Your Brand Top of Mind 

COVID-19 has contributed to an increase in email marketing, as brands send updates on how they react to the pandemic, while at the same time trying to keep customers at the forefront. 

According to HubSpot's recent data, 44% more emails are currently being sent than they were before the lockout. Despite 44% more emails being sent than before the COVID outbreak, having a correct email strategy is important and marketers have to be focused, informative and empathic.

This is also a perfect time to remind your clients that ratings and referrals are more important than ever for your company now. Consumers are increasingly relying on what they read about your company on Google, Facebook and more to shape an opinion. 

82% of customers read local business reviews and customers read about 10 reviews before trusting a company.

You can give links directly to your happiest customers via mail, or you can use a system to automate the process and turn your requests into reviews! Positive feedback will therefore help you develop your brand and draw more potential customers to your website.

Why Email Marketing Should be the Top Priority for Your Remote Team?

Email marketing is a great way to get up-to-date notifications in front of leads who have already subscribed. 

B2B customers need to know that their businesses are up and running, particularly when your company is a critical component for them. 

Email marketing is more than just a successful, continuous marketing technique.  In the first few weeks of sheltering in place and setting up remote work tasks, it's something marketing departments can do or can quickly set up the tools for doing. It is the ideal combination of efficient, routine, attainable and communicative. That is something that both your workers and your customers need.

The pandemic is still being discussed by companies like Fred Perry, using email as an opportunity to reassure consumers and remind them that its web site is open as usual. 

This certainly feels more in tune with public sentiment, and while Fred Perry's email copy is somewhat indistinct, perhaps it will be more effective at engaging consumers than retailers who are now completely ignoring the situation.



Email is the Best in Times of Crisis

At this time, every brand, no matter the vertical, needs to pay more attention than ever to their email marketing campaigns. And if you wonder why email is the best communication tool in times of crisis, here are three solid reasons for this.

Customers Trust In Emails More Than Other Channels 

Another factor you need to place email on contact frontlines in times of crisis is that people appear to trust email more than they trust other networks. Let's face it, social media has so much knowledge that it's hard to distinguish false information from what's real. This is why you need to communicate to your customers during times of crisis via a reliable medium.

Email Gives Direct Access to Your Customers 

From the available communication platforms, email is the only one that gives you direct access to your clients. That's because the inbox of an individual is their home's equivalent and access is only given to those they trust. This ensures that when you send your customers emails, they are more likely to see them than your social media posts will.

Increase in Engagement

One of COVID-19's implications is the rapid change to remote work. Taken as a tool for fostering social isolation, remote jobs has almost become the norm. While others have unfortunately been laid off or put on indefinite leave, the result is that more people are still online than at any other point in history. That, of course , means you are likely to increase your engagement level.

Be Transparent and Communicate

Reverting to basics and taking common-sense solutions in difficult times are important right now in so many aspects of our lives. Email is the most trustworthy and efficient medium and the new standard for communicating with the clients, showing them that you care about and assuring them that you are in this for the long term.

Use this important tool to create personal customer relationships and make sure your team is ready to go email first.

During this period of change the way you work would have a direct effect on the ability to retain your customers in future. Brands who are mindful of this current situation and empathize with it will be much successful in the long run.

Putting yourself in the shoes of your client and being aware of how they are being influenced right now will help create trust and pave the way for a long-term relationship. 

Interested in improving customer communications and reputation for your business online? Don’t worry, we are here to help!

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