Instagram v/s other Social Media Platforms

Instagram’s popularity has grown ever since it first debuted in 2010. With more than 500 million users, it is currently the second most popular…

Events: a Gold Mine for your Marketing Strategy

What was the last event you went to? Was it a business conference? Or A new product launch? Or maybe just an anniversary celebration?

7 Events your B2B Business can conduct right now

With all the marketing activities such as SEO, Emails, Social Media, and more that you are doing for your company. Why would you organise events?

LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

But you can’t limit its use to just network, stay in touch with people, and find new jobs. It’s way beyond that!

Understand Human Behavior to Succeed in Business!

As a consumer, have you ever been in a position where you didn’t really ‘need’ a product, but after it is pitched to you - you now have a feeling of…

Know thy Customer!

The key ingredient behind every successful sale is effective communication. This is where one needs to know and relate to their consumers! Each human…

Does the End of Third Party Cookies mean End of Digital Marketing?

The blocking of third-party browsers is great for consumer’s privacy but challenging for brands to stay connected to them.

Inbound Marketing: The missing piece in your Marketing Strategy

Every now and then, as a business owner, we often wonder that my potential customers are online. But they don’t know that my business can help them…

Google vs Facebook : 2019 Edition

The 2 tech giants Google and Facebook are at it again. Both great visionaries in tech space are at logger heads as one tries to enter another's…

Influencer Marketing

People do not buy goods and services; they buy relations, stories and magic. And as marketers we are actively focusing on how to achieve these KPI's…

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