Strengthen Your Mobile Marketing Plan for 2020

We all live in a Mobile-first world!

Most of us start and end our day with mobile phones. It’s the first thing needed after waking up in the morning and the last thing used before going to bed. 

It also means most websites are being viewed via mobile rather than desktop. That raises the popularity of mobile marketing including ads among app developers and marketers. 

Today, mobile advertising has experienced an expeditious change from the days of mobile web browser ads. It’s time not to trail behind and integrate Mobile Marketing strategy in your marketing mix. But there are a few things to consider before start with mobile marketing. 

Mobile marketing is the comprehensive term to market on any type of mobile device,  and there are many ways that you can use mobile marketing for your business.

Different Types of Mobile Marketing:

Location-based Mobile Marketing

Location-based mobile marketing has been the buzzword in the marketing world for quite some time. 

It includes ads that target users based on their location or based on their search query. 

Location-based Mobile Marketing

These ads act as a reminder to try a product or service near you through a previously downloaded app or Google search results. 

Brands can use this tactic to reach consumers that visit their competitor’s location. For example, Burger King used location-based advertisement to run a campaign offering the one-cent whopper to the consumers that had their app open when they visited a McDonald’s outlet. 

This particular tactic of location-based mobile marketing is known as Geo-conquesting and is used when a potential consumer is nearby, but also works very well when applied to reach current customers.

QR Codes

QR codes get activated when they are scanned by a mobile device. 

It only requires a smartphone with a camera and an installed barcode reader. Many free QR and barcode apps that exist for both iPhone and Android. 

QR Codes

When users scan a QR code, they can be directed to different types of content, including landing pages, video or email. 

When you create QR codes, also consider using a link management system to track the success of your campaigns. 

With a tool like Rebrandly, you are able to create a QR code for every single link you shorten. As a result, it enables you to access detailed analytics about any interaction with the code.

In-Game Marketing

In-game advertising is great if you’re targeting users in its niche market. 

In-Game Marketing


You can use your brand name and products in a mobile game or an app by consulting with the app owner. For example, car racing mobile game developers use the car’s brand name (like Ford, BMW, etc.) in exchange for compensation.

Messages can also be added in between a mobile game to promote or advertise a brand, products and services. External advertisers can also place their ads at the bottom panel of mobile games. 

Mobile Apps

Mobile app marketing is less about creating new customers and more about converting existing ones into brand ambassadors.

The prime focus of Mobile app marketing is app promotion and customer engagement. If a person has downloaded your company’s app, then he/she is most likely a prospective paying customer. 

Mobile apps are a great place to start your mobile marketing journey because you have direct access to your customers. 

Mobile Apps

When you plan to market to your customers using a mobile app, your focus should be on retention and rewarding customer loyalty. 

Even if your users don’t have the app open, push notifications can be used to send alerts to your consumers on their phone screen.

To offer special coupons or deals through your mobile app, you can make use of in-app messaging.

Mobile Search and Image Ads

When you search anything on Google, there are ads placed on the first page of Google search results. The same ads are visible on the mobile, just like the desktop. 

Ad extensions from Google are great for mobile. Not only are they “free,” but there is a wide variety of them to choose from. 

There are many formats for Google mobile ads, such as text and image ads which are designed to be mobile user-friendly and look great on smaller screens. 

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is one of the most commonly used and trusted forms of mobile marketing. 

You’re able to target your customers with updates and reminders in the form of an easy and quick to read SMS. 

The difference between SMS marketing and the rest of the mobile marketing channels is that with SMS marketing, you need consumers consent to text them.

Mobile Banner Advertisements

Mobile banner ads are the same ads you see on a desktop but smaller in size that fit the mobile screen.

In most of the cases, banners are displayed at the top or at the bottom of a web page or an app that displays relevant texts or graphics. 

Mobile Banner Advertisements


Banner campaigns mostly count on brand recognition and brand awareness since the space is very limited and does not allow detailed information to be displayed. 

However, the goal is to present the brand or product name to as many people as possible and convert them into end customers or at least leads.

Voice Marketing

We live in the era of voice revolution, where voice assistants and voice-enabled devices are equipped with the ability to understand what we are saying, help us with daily tasks, enable voice commerce and facilitate interactions with brands.

It is estimated that by 2020 half of all searches will be voice searches.

People like to communicate through speech as it’s easy and convenient. And after all, the promise of technology has always been to make our lives easier.

Here is a great example of voice marketing by the King of Pizza- Dominos. 

Pizza lovers can now order their favourite Pizza on Dominos through Google Home and Alexa. 

Not only this, but Dominos has also partnered with speech recognition platform Nuance to develop their own voice-powered “order-taking expert,” Dom that is accessible through the Domino’s app.

Voice Marketing


Start Leveraging Mobile Marketing

It is time to recognise the benefits that mobile marketing offers your business. 

The potential for mobile marketing is boundless.  With changing times it develops and adapts. 

Every new piece of technology developed can and does have an impact on the marketing industry in one way or another. It either generates new mobile marketing trends or evolves the existing ones.

Mobile marketing holds an important role for businesses and it's a marketing strategy that has a huge scope in the future. 

With proper usage and utilization, mobile marketing can be the strategy that can increase profits and expand your company’s growth. Have more questions on how mobile marketing can help your business? Don’t worry, we are here to help

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