Quick Start Guide to Setup your Social Media Channels


Social Media brings individuals, friends, families, businesses and organizations together on to a unified platform. The core idea of all social media comes down to 3 main points - Connection | Discovery | Sharing

Humans are built by default to socially get involved with other humans. The above 3 points are not just evolutionary behavior that can be unlearnt; but rather these 3 are programs that have been embedded in our brains.

The bedrock of all Social Media Interactions and Engagements is Trust + Connection. Our likes, shares and engagement are all dependent on these 2 values. Take a scenario, wherein; one of the influencers that you trust recommends a certain product / service.

What do you think you will do?

You might give it a shot - maybe not. But still, the trusted influencer has left an impression on your mind that can be activated maybe later. And sooner or later you might find yourself purchasing / promoting the product.

The thing about Trust and Connection is that it can’t be built overnight. It takes time.

However; there are certain steps that one can take to be sure that they are on the right path to build a Social profile that is trustworthy.

Profile Picture


The profile picture must be bright, attractive and welcoming. If you are an individual you can use a high-quality picture of yourself. The ideal picture will be that shows your face clearly. Best practice would be to have only 1 person featured in this picture.

As a brand one can use a high-quality image of their logo. Color, Contrast and Brightness play a very crucial role to make the profile picture eye-grabbing.

Handle Name


Ideally this should be a simple one but still I see a lot of people mess this up. The Handle should be the most simple way to find for you on social media. If possible across multiple channels you must use the same name. This forms a unified experience around your social profile.



In a jiffy, the Bio should inform your audience / lead about what to expect from your feed and 5 main interests / services that you have to offer. I see many a people using a ton of emojis to fill up the bio. This can often lead to misunderstanding as it might seem unprofessional to encounter an emoji while trying to better understand the person / better.

A good way to quickly create a decent bio is by answering the following few questions -

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • Location
  • Interests
  • URL or How to connect with you?

These are some of the basic must-haves . Once set with the above information. Let’s take a look at Content.

Above all, Content needs to be honest and have the ability to evoke emotion or maybe an action. Obviously it’s not easy to produce each and every piece of content that speaks out to everyone. Hits/Misses are part of the equation.

Here are some basic pointers that will give you a headstart to create content -

What to post?

  • Inspiring Content.
  • Something that you love.
  • Something around your Brand.
  • What are you passionate about?
  • Product / Service in a subtle manner

What to write?

  • Conversational tone
  • Clean Grammar and Typo-free
  • Add emotion / passion to the mix.
  • Simple to-the-point copy around the content.

Content Guidelines

  • Consistent Look and Feel throughout the feed.
  • Bright pictures with High contrast perform better on Social Media
  • Editing Process / Color palette and Filters should be fixed.
  • Fix a time when you post the content.

The ideas discussed above are a small push in the right direction. The best way is to start creating content, test out some ideas, check the kind of traction you receive and then optimise.

Through measurement and optimisation - you are just a few steps away from becoming a trusted brand.



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