Pinterest Illustrates New Resources for Businesses to Maximize Their Pin Presence

Like other social media, in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdowns, Pinterest has seen a massive rise in usage. 

But in comparison to others, Pinterest specifically shows increased shopping activity in its app, which may make it a more relevant platform for brands striving to sustain the business operation, and offset some of the losses caused by physical outlets shutdown.

To achieve that, you need to understand the medium, how people use it, what they best react to and how to frame the products creatively to catch the attention of people in Pin feeds.

With fewer users than Instagram and Facebook, many business owners, who are not as familiar with Pinterest's best practices, maybe looking at the stats and contemplating the possibilities.

This makes it a little daunting to learn a new platform.

To help with this, Pinterest has given a new summary of its latest resource additions to help small businesses make better use of Pins, while also flagging new educational resources and reference material that companies can use to learn the ropes and boost their presence on Pin.

Pinterest Creators

Additionally, Pinterest is now looking to provide more tips through its Pinterest Creators project, which highlights some of the easiest ways to communicate through Pins. 

Creators are an important part of its culture, as it serves as the lifeblood of content on Pinterest. While they continue to introduce new resources, tools, and products, they are implementing a fresh look and feel for the Pinterest Creators brand.

Pinterest creators are creative, imaginative and one-of-a-kind. New opportunities and ongoing interactions defined through the new brand are designed to help creators evolve on Pinterest with the tools. 

The brand was created with creators' distinctive style in mind, which constantly inspires through optimistic, playful and inclusive artistic approaches.

Pinterest Adds New Organization Tools Within Pins & Boards

Pinterest has added a new range of organizing tools inside Pins and Boards to help users keep track of ideas and motivation as they browse through its network's trillions of Pins. 

Pinterest has also introduced a new date page on boards that would be useful for events and after-the-fact archiving purposes.


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It may also help your contacts keep track of when items come up, and it may also act as a strong recall resource for brands looking to facilitate seasonal tie-ins. 

Pinterest is adding new automated suggestions to sort the boards as well.

It can help to categorize your Pins better, and that sorting will help with specific searches, as the categories would be based on those already defined in the Pinterest framework. 

Pinterest aims to promote the development of boards and introduce another learning dimension with a new guided experience in creating boards.

The procedure will help you categorize your new Pin set first, and then recommend more Pins that you might want to add to your list. 

The tools in themselves are all relatively small, but they may have different benefits depending on how you use Pinterest and your objectives.

The planning tools would provide an extra level of flexibility while the automated advice solutions would have more variable value, which may help boost the use and exploration of Pin.

Pinterest is seeing record high use rates in the COVID-19 lockdowns, with more than 367 million users coming to the site every month now seeking inspiration and ideas for shopping as an escape from the constraints of their home quarantines.

If you haven't looked at Pinterest for a while, it may be worth revisiting; and while you're there, you can check out what these new tools bring to the Pin experience.

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