Mother’s Day is Great for Mums But Even Better for Marketers


Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.

This quote by Robert Browning sums it all up - our stories began with our mothers. Their love, sacrifices, perseverance and forgiveness makes Mother’s Day an ideal time to celebrate motherhood and the impact our mothers have in our life.

If you are a marketer, this is the time for you to achieve your business metrics and create an emotional connect with your customers too.

Here are a few ways you can make use of social media marketing to augment profits with consistent promotions:

  1. Free gifts and discounts work really well on a widely celebrated occasion like Mother’s Day. You can offer these freebies and discounted rates to everyone who either visits your store or your website to increase the number of footfalls or visitors.Social Media can help you create a buzz around these freebies when done the right way and at the right time - about a week before you actually plan on these giveaways. The best way to engage and intrigue your audiences is to have a surprise revelation of the free gift on the D’Day and social media can be the best way to maintain this surprise element.Free-gifts-and-discounts
  2. Ask your fans to list out memories with their moms or talk about the qualities they love about their moms on Facebook’s List feature. For example, lists such as ‘5 Reasons I Love you Mom’ with reasons like “Mom, you are fabulous”, “You are my best friend, Mom” or “Maa, You have always been there to show care”. More and more people will use this feature to remember things they like about their moms & communicate with your brand.
  3. The interactive nature of Contests helps boost customer engagement. Start a photo contest ahead of the Mother’s Day and let your users share some interesting, funny, twinning pictures with their moms. You can also include video contests where your consumers can show enjoying some activity together with their moms like cooking/baking, going for a trek, going on a long drive for a weekend trip or playing with children and the like.Free-gifts-and-discounts
  4. Alternatively, you can leverage social media channels to ask your customers to write a message, profess their love for their moms, add a note of gratitude for all their moms have done or share a fond memory of a time well spent with their moms. This can happen as a write-up contest where people talk about what they like the most about their moms, something that reminds them of their moms (for e.g. ghar ka khaana!)Gift the winners and their moms attractive presents (no points for guessing this gift could be one of your products/ a gift voucher) or offer them an experience that they both enjoy doing together. Baking, maybe?
  5. Hashtags have gained quite the popularity among millennials and rightly so. A Mother’s Day hashtag on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram where people can share pictures, posts, tweets and videos with their moms can help your brand to build momentum. E.g. #hashtags like #ThrowbackThursdayWithMom,#Mom&Me etc.momandme-contest
  6. Pinterest too can help you achieve a lot of users who connect with your brand, if you can leverage the occasion of Mother’s Day with contests. You can offer freebies on your products ( gift items for Mother’s Day) to the winner of these contests on Pin Boards and share the success of the contest campaign on your company’s social media channels. Add these Mother’s Day products on your brand website with the Pinterest contest story in background to generate user interest.
  7. A fun way to connect with your audiences is to share a common ground with them - fashion is one of the major subjects in the market when it comes to creating a presence. Whether your brand is fashion-centric or not, you can always launch a marketing campaign using hashtags on Twitter or Facebook and ask your consumers to create a gallery with the kind of fashion their mothers would follow in their generation.These classic pictures would render a lot of conversation where people would revisit fashion of previous generations and wonder how fashion has evolved over the years. If you run a fashion-oriented e-commerce business, you can add this gallery to your website along with the trending styles of today that your brand has to offer.mother's-day-story
  8. Another common ground you can share with your users is through entertainment and famous characters representing different types of mom personas from TV or film industry can do this for you. Memes, GIFs and other such interactive media can help you rekindle the nostalgia effect that millennials will feel when they see their favorite or popular mom characters that they have grown up with yet again on social media.You can opt for a short survey too where people can vote for the TV or film mom personas that they love the most. Such engaging branding initiatives can help you get a loyal customer base and know them better so you can come up with products and services better suited to their needs, thereby increasing your profit values.

This Mother’s Day, channelise the emotional bonds of a mother and child to get people talking about your brand with your campaigns, contests, polls and more. But before you go ahead with these marketing initiatives, analyse which social media networks would work best for the campaign you wish to roll out.

Know how you can use such platforms in the best way possible for your business goals with the social media team at Synclarity. Reach out to us here and let’s strategize on promoting your brand this Mother’s Day.

Up for an active brand presence on Mother’s Day 2018 or any similar event, are you?


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