Key Trends for Your 2020 Mobile Marketing Plan

Technology opens up new opportunities for brands every day where mobile marketing plays a significant role.

The mobile industry was once only a small section of the entire digital marketing structure. Today, it is among its biggest divisions. 

According to Research, up to 70 per cent of web traffic happens on a mobile device. As time goes by, the techniques used by mobile marketers only grow. 

Now, you’re probably thinking about how to improve your mobile marketing strategy for 2020.

While there are some big changes waiting to happen in the mobile marketing sphere, let's also not lose sight of what channels will continue to dominate the mobile marketing space in 2020.

Voice Search Will Continue to Grow: 

Let’s start with Voice Search, as it’s one of the biggest mobile marketing trends in 2020.

ComScore predicts that as much as 50% of all searches in 2020 will be voice. This will definitely create a huge impact on mobile marketing.  

It’s very convenient and efficient. It’s much easier and faster to conduct a voice search than to manually type in a search query. 

You may be familiar with some of these:

  • Alexa
  • Siri
  • Google Assistant

voice search


All of these are examples of Voice Assistants that may even be installed on your mobile devices. People speak to these voice assistants the same as they speak to a human. 

Influencer marketing will 'glow up'

You need to try smarter marketing strategies if you want to be among the winners in this mobile marketing competition.

For instance, if yours is a company creating mobile apps while there are countless mobile apps on app stores across platforms. Convincing your audience might be challenging even when you give a good reason for your audience to download your app. 

mobile app


This is where Influencer steps in to help you promote your app to social media users. It organically matches the expectation of the target audience.

These content creators already market to your ideal audience across different channels which allows you to expand your reach across your buyer personas.

Entry of 5G in Mobile World

After several years of hype, plenty of experts claim that 2020 will be the year when fifth-generation wireless communication networks will change the mobile landscape. 

What does this mean for marketers? 

Well, this means that you can now provide richer experiences powered by a more powerful engine.

Today, many phones in the market are 5G-ready already. Experts predict that we’ll see more in the market by this year’s end. 



The standards for a good brand experience will change if the majority of your audience get on 5G. It will lead to disruption when most of the people adopt 5G.

To find success, be an Early adopter. However, those that lag have to struggle to get their systems and processes up to date for the entrance of 5G.

Augmented Reality To Transform Customer Experiences

Are you an AR marketer?

Today Augmented Reality is the mirror of the real world where it picks something that’s real and modifies it.

It’s the latest and the greatest trend within marketing that allows you to give your customers an ultimate experience with the convenience of just a single tap on their mobile devices.

Mobile has become one of the most required media types through which consumers interact with brands and make purchase decisions. 

Do you recall the time when everyone was going nuts about Pokemon Go? The entire premise of that game was based on augmented reality on a mobile device.

Augmented Reality


Also, the giant social media platform- Snapchat is very popular among youngsters, and the main reason is it’s amazing photo/video editing tools and a wide variety of available camera filters.

These filters are nothing but AR experiences that superimpose 2D and 3D artwork onto a user’s face or any other surroundings.

Based on the success of apps such as Pokemon Go and Snapchat, more businesses indulge in augmented reality to incorporate it into their mobile technology.

Social Shoppable Ads to Offer Advanced Features

Social commerce and shoppable ads are the mobile battlegrounds for 2020.

The e-commerce model of marketing is set to climb this year as platforms have now incorporated advanced features that offer users a more unified experience. 

Currently, shoppers mostly scroll the social platforms to discover products and engage with brands, but transact outside the app, mostly on a company's website or through their social media ads. 

However, 2020 may be the year when social commerce becomes a more mainstream channel for shopping, that gives brands new opportunities to engage with their users and offer a fresh revenue stream. 

To drive sales only from Google is no longer sustainable. These are the days of mobile apps and social media ads where you can monetize your social media presence and create multiple marketing channels.

We can see the socialization of online consumerism where Facebook focuses on “buy now” buttons and Instagram pushes the eCommerce side in various ways.

shoppable ads


Not only can you begin to use social platforms for direct sales, but you can also make your site more social. 

New Payment Systems

Payment systems have changed drastically. Even, Samsung has a payment platform that can be used almost anywhere.

Customers want convenience, not only at retail outlets, but they also want great brand experience even at online touchpoints.

However, one thing customers are most concerned about is the option to pay for what they want to buy in the way they want. 

Payment System


Well, this is understandable. Many of us had that experience when we ran short of cash at a restaurant and had to walk to the nearest ATM because they don’t accept credit or other payment modes. Thus, we all know the pain.

Nowadays, services like GooglePay are being accepted at big stores like Reliance Trends or Walmart and smartphones have their wallets, such as Apple Pay in addition to other local payment platforms. 

It is no longer a choice to ignore these new modes of payment because customers would rather go with a brand that offers the payment choice as per their convenience.

Increase in The Popularity of Story Format

Back in October of 2013, Snapchat introduced a format to share our lives with the world- Snapchat Stories.

No longer is the Snap the sole option with the Stories option. Today Instagram and Facebook stories are even more popular. 

story format


Stories create the ability for users to share their life stories in a narrative format that friends could view as many times for up to 24 hours. 

We are quite familiar with the story format today as stories have become a bit of an industry buzzword. 

Stories can showcase everything (— magazine articles, opinion pieces, editorials, podcasts in a short content format which includes short videos, graphs and images.

Every platform has come up with their version of stories, where users and readers want bite-sized information with enough depth to be meaningful but not overwhelming.

Live Streaming Creates Emotional Connection

Live Streaming provides a human element to businesses that no YouTube video can nail. 

The excitement and unpredictability of a live stream create a feeling of emotional connection on the part of the consumer that is difficult to bring up through the other digital channels.

Netflix and Amazon Prime are now more popular than the traditional television as the content is being hotly contested.

live streaming


Live streaming makes a variety of content available in an instant with a single tap on your mobile screen.

It’s time to nail the live stream and be closer to your customers and way ahead of the digital marketing curve in 2020.

Moment Marketing

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, moment marketing is that strategy where marketers serve their audience with just the right message at just the right moment. 

Most of the time, it seems magically spontaneous and sometimes it is planned out weeks in advance. This “magic” and “spontaneity” yield great viral potential.

Moment marketing makes use of offline experience, particularly in live events, TV shows and sports events to drive online interaction. It makes it go viral on mobile devices all over the world.

Stay Ahead Of Competition with Mobile Marketing

To get ahead over the competitors, think of ways to capitalize on these mobile marketing trends to make a perfect 2020 marketing plan and devise means to excel in these.

This will put you in the driving seat and help you make informed decisions on what the future holds for mobile marketing for your business.

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