Instagram to Engage Users with Questions and a Permanent Stories Bar


Amid its latest string of updates, Instagram is now testing two more features - one is to help users get answers to any questions that they might have and another is a Stories bar resting permanently above the feed page. The Verge reports that the persistent Stories Bar will remain at the top of the screen even with continuous scrolling through feeds, thereby letting users engage with all Stories from their followers. On the other hand, the question answer feature will now allow users to ask questions with responses as short or as long depending on the discretion of the follower who answers it, as noted by Android Police

The new feature of asking questions on the photo-sharing app is said to be available for select android users but will be rolling out soon for other users as well. As Digital Trends notes, Indonesian and Spanish Instagrammers have already noticed the new open-ended questions on the app. Users can ask specific questions on Stories posted by followers and respond to the queries asked on their own Stories.


If and when you can have access to the feature, you’ll notice a Question and Answer tab appear as a sticker where you can type in any question for your followers to view on your Stories feed. They can then answer your question and the responses will be sent in a private message.

Over the last two months, Instagram has introduced several interesting features - from Focus mode to revamping their Explore Page, music stickers, yes/no polls, emoji sliders, Instagram Lite and clickable hashtags to the IGTV app for long-format videos. The Emoji sliders and polls can be used alongside the Q&A feature.


Instagram is rapidly moving towards achieving a stellar growth and better discoverability in terms of its active users, even as a billion people are already using the photo-sharing app and 400 million Instagrammers are using Stories on a day-to-day basis.

The fact that in the Q & A feature, brands could have a chance at getting consumer feedback or answer queries or FAQs is an added benefit for marketers. So if you have not yet made Instagram Stories a part of your brand marketing strategy, connect with Synclarity’s social media team to boost your customer engagement.

Leverage the latest features, myriad number of users and tools to become a part of Instagram’s more interactive Public Polling and Sharing experiences!

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