11 Indian Brands that are rocking Content Marketing

Content is the King, Social Media is Gasoline, there’s no second guessing that!

Brands are keeping their best foot forward to create content that is original, relatable and shareable to go digitally viral. There are no signs of Social Media Marketing taking a backseat and brands are doing all they can to create better content.

Here are a few examples for you to take a cue from and ace your content game:

  1. Amul

Whenever there is a new issue, we know which brand has a poster already!
Be it any cause or an issue, Amul is always there with its opinionated version.


Source: Amul

All the topical creatives of Amul focus on the point of view of the mass to address any social situation. You will find the ever-green Amul girl in each of their content, as if she conveys the story from her perspective-making the brand even more human.

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Amul is present on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Apart from such topical content Amul also often conducts interesting social media contests to keep their audience engaged

2. Zomato

Zomato knows its audience well. They know what would make them use their service, and never fails to bring out the foodie in you!



In July 2019, Zomato’s funny tweet, ‘Guys, kabhi kabhi ghar ka khana bhi kha lena chahiye’ was a great success with likes over 18,000. In fact, it earned media over other platforms as various other companies re-tweeted the same post with a different tagline

e.g.- Youtube tweeted- ‘Guys, kabhi kabhi raat ke 3 baje, phone side pe rakh ke so jana chahiye’

To this, Zomato came up with another witty tweet- ‘Guys, kabhi kabhi khud ke ache tweet bhi soch lene chahiye’.


Zomato does not follow a strict norm to post daily on social media, as quality means more than quantity for them. They’re equally good on all platforms- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or blogs. Some experts say that using a plethora of social networks may ruin your marketing. Well, Zomato shows us how to utilize multiple channels for content marketing and that too with great efficiency.

3. Oreo India

Oreo India has successfully cracked the code to keep their audience engaged with their content. In the beginning, as the Indian market was dominated by Britannia and Parle, Oreo faced great challenges. So, they started with a brand awareness campaign with #DailyDunks with Bollywood celebrity Ranbir Kapoor.


They come up with different content ideas for different networks.

e.g.- June 21, being the longest day of the year, this is how Oreo used a stretched pack of Oreo biscuits as the graphics

Oreo India is present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Apart from that, they have TVCs with the featuring actor- Ranbir Kapoor.

4. Vogue India

Vogue India uses one of the greatest weapons of content marketing - Storytelling

They came up with a campaign #VogueEmpower, an initiative to raise voice for women empowerment and violence against women. They feature Bollywood celebrities like Madhuri Dixit in their videos, that adds glamour and creates a buzz to their content marketing efforts.


Even though YouTube plays the major role in Vogue’s content marketing, they are also present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus with a significant fan-following. After all, they belong to a widely talked-about niche.


5. FlipKart

FlipKart is one of those pioneer Indian online brands that adopted TVCs as a primary player for their content marketing. The ads are really catchy and cute with children dressed up as adults.


These videos are topical, funny and extremely engaging!


Be it a new offer or a service announcement, Flipkart always brings smile on their customers' face with their creativity, messaging and sense of humor.

6. covers every aspect of marriage, with emotions and fun They come up with unique hashtags and campaign ideas that differentiates them from other matrimonial sites.

Recently, for Valentine’s Day it came up with #WoEkBaat to celebrate the essence of love. They picked up a moment from a couple’s journey of love and drove the conversations while also celebrating their own milestone of 6 Million Success Stories.

Like Vogue India, YouTube is the leader of content marketing for However, they are present and active on Facebook and Twitter too; although their content marketing strategy for YouTube and TV is completely different from that of social media.

7. Imperial Blue

Imperial Blue uses video marketing for all its campaigns, and they got their ultimate fame from ‘Men will be men’.

The brand represents male psychology very well through their commercials. TV ads are a major player in their content marketing efforts where each video perfectly depicts a man’s emotion with a funny angle. The result is, smiles and laughter and an ever-lasting brand awareness.

8. OLX India

OLX too makes use of video marketing extensively. You might have heard the song ‘Womaniya’ song with the tag-line ‘Where Buyers Meet Sellers’. They used marketing psychology- appeal to the senses.


If you have something to re-sell, OLX is the place for you!


They help you get rid of domestic clutter - the common pain point of every Indian household. Even though OLX India mainly focuses on video marketing and TVCs, they are equally proficient on Facebook and Twitter marketing.

And they added the much-needed star-power to their marketing efforts, when they associated themselves with stand-up comedian turned TV star, Kapil Sharma.



9. Simplify360

Simplify360 is a new-age social media analytics company, started by Bhupendra Khanal in 2009. Their strong point is their infographics and they have more than 25 big names as their clients to showcase in this category. Here is their take on the Ice Bucket Challenge that went viral a couple of months ago.


They are active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest

10. Faasos

Online food app service Faasos uses different times of the day or topical events to communicate with their audience. The main channels that are used to communicate contextual content are email and mobile-based apps.


Apart from sending offers right before the meal times, the company also leverages significant events like India-Pakistan match to connect with their audience and increase sales.


Not only is their brand name hilarious, they also come up with witty and humorous content. They have some unique content for their blog posts, which often include memes and talks about fashion. Moreover, their blog posts also cover popular events like the Comic Con, NH7 music festivals, and others.


This brand believes in following what it believes in and that is to connect with their audience to the fullest by mirroring the things that are associated with today’s young population.

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A blend of creativity and content can really boost your marketing. In addition to it, celebrity association can create and buzz.
Most engaging content is the ones that have humour associated with it.

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    the most impactful video trends of 2019 - download free ebook

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