The Importance of Whatsapp Business


Gone are the days, when we used messaging for communication with friends or families. We still do it - but with users getting information at the tap of their mobile-screen; quite organically business conversation has jumped from a formal website chat-box to personalised messaging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or WeChat.

Why Messaging

  • Firstly it adds a human experience to the whole equation.
  • Mobile First - ease of use as well as reach.
  • Conversation is by using text as well rich media like photos, videos, gifs….
  • E-mail no more - makes it a direct conversation minus the formality around an e-mail
  • Buyers and Sellers can have a free dialogue beyond the constructs of a physical store or even without logging on to an e-commerce site.

It’s no surprise when a messaging company - Whatsapp owned by Facebook announces a business version. Countries like India, Africa have already been using whatsapp for business purposes primarily. What Facebook has done is what Facebook does best - understands user behavior and facilitates the gap.

Features of Whatsapp Business App


  • Direct Messaging is WhatsApp's foundation. Users connect to other users (friends, family, businesses) directly by their mobile numbers. This makes the entire process free of any kind of log-in framework. It’s one of the most direct, easy to use forms of communication. 
  • Business Profile can be created that features all the useful information that a customer would like to have access to. This includes a business description, physical address, email address, website link. In case you have a link to your virtual tour or a landing page then that can also be added.

[bctt tweet="With Whatsapp Business, brands get a direct organic channel of communication to reach their target audience.I wont be surprised to see marketers leverage this channel in their marketing strategies" username="wearesynclarity"]

Communication made easy

  • Quick Replies are the fastest way to answer a number of repeated queries raised by multiple customers. By allowing the user to store certain conversations; this not only saves time but also helps you to create a more responsive brand
  • Automated Messages can be used to make the customer not feel ignored when you are busy or not in reach of your phone. In case you have a branded message that needs to be communicated to every customer then that can be fixed as your welcome message
  • Messaging Insights is a big one! Get real-time insights of how your message was received by the audience in terms of successful message deliveries to even how many messages were read. One can really gauge and prep their next piece of communication to push their audience a little ahead in the sales funnel.


What started off as a side-hustle by a couple of ex-Yahoo! Engineers who were rejected by Facebook to getting bought by Facebook itself for an unheard of the amount - 19 Billion USD - Whatsapp truly has come a long way.

The way it’s evolving day by day; really makes one wonder what will be next. For now, all the people using Whatsapp - a personal messaging app for their Small Businesses have got their prayers answered.


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