How To : Scripting for Amazing Video Content.

According to a report by Hubspot, 4 of the top 6 channels where humans consume video content are social channels. In addition to this, a Facebook executive recently predicted that the platform will become video in less than 5 years.

Videos should be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy and not just a small piece. It needs to be central to your outreach and campaign efforts and especially your social strategy - because videos are completely dominating the attention of the audience and It may have the potential to boost your organic traffic by over 150%.

Watching a video saves time, is easier to understand, and a lot can be said and explained in very less time -  60 secs are apparently worth 1.8 million words.

With the diminishing attention spans, a growing number of social platforms and overwhelming amount of produced content, standing out as a brand is now a considerable challenge that needs to be tackled. The sooner you start the better it is and in this article we have just the right tips to get you going. 

We have a lot of ground to cover - incase you are in a hurry - here are some important topics you can quickly browse through - 

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Creating Video content that captures attention, is relatable and makes your audience stop in between their daily browse is essential. 

So, How do we create great video content for B2B Marketing?

Research well. Strategize better.

Figure out what your audience wants to see, what’s trending and what are the problems people are facing. Once you are clear with the idea of what to provide to your audience, make a video marketing strategy accordingly. Where to hit them, how to surprise them with your content as to get the ideal emotional reaction you expect.

A good video communicates an idea with clarity so as to drive the audience to take action or notice something important. Take a look at these examples

Acknowledge not just your target audience, but the problems they are facing. No societal issue is off limits for marketers. Take a stand on the ones your audience supports or believes in, and you'll get access to a customer base that relates to your passion.

This video campaign by Melbourne Metro Trains communicates a simple message in a fun, creative and memorable way. The audience doesn’t feel like they are being nagged, the way all public service announcements do.

If your subject matter is boring, use creativity to get your message across.

A good script is the core of a good marketing video. Whether it’s a commercial or explainer video, a well-written script can hook your audience to get the reaction you want.  Voiceover, music, visuals—enhance your story, but it all starts with words on paper. Your creative team can only enhance your vision if you give them a strong foundation.

Scriptwriting is a great deal of responsibility at this stage of video production. If you haven’t written a video script before or aren’t very confident about the draft you have at hand, don’t lose hope.

Why is making this video important for my business?

This might seem like an easy-to-skip question, but trust me DON'T!

Before diving straight into writing, get your head clear with the goals or else it’s a surefire way to end up in rewrite after rewrite.

Your goals influence your video story. So, before you start writing the script, you should be utterly sure about the purpose of the marketing campaign and the role your video plays in that.

Ask yourself (and others too) a few questions,

  • What's the purpose? Are we selling our brand or it's product/service?
  • What's the ideal duration I should be aiming for the video?
  • Are you creating the video for your Sales / Marketing Campaign?
  • What information would be given to the audience?
  • What action are we expecting at the end of the video?

Once you have a clear answer to all these questions, move ahead.

Plot for Script writing_result

Who is going to see a video that i made for my business?

Never embark on creating a video without figuring out who your target audience is.

After the goal is set, decide the kind of people who are going to see your video.

What will be their age, Profession, or Economic status? Are they CXOs, sales executives, marketing managers etc. But this is not it. Apart from these you also need to know the interests, hobbies, marital status, sexual orientation, daily challenges, short-term and long-term goals, and how your product or service will help them in their everyday lives.

Once you have done the research, put together a persona of your target audience:

Name An interesting unforgettable name
Demograph Age | Gender | Location | Income
What are they like? What do they read / watch? What are their personal interests?
What challenges do they face? What's an every day challenge the persona faces in his personal / professional life?
What solutions can we provide? Is our product the solution to their challenge? What would it take for him to get convinced that we offer is the help that he/she requires.

This will help you in figuring out the tone you should use and the kind of approach you should take.

How do we go about creating great video for B2B Marketing?

Your video is meant to help your brand achieve a specific goal, but it can only do so if you engage the viewer till the end with your story.

Writing a good script is all about telling a compelling story. It is the secret to getting and keeping your audience’s attention. In the case of video marketing, you’ll probably want to make the story as short, punchy and crisp as possible but with delivering the right message.

Flesh out an outline that features a narrative arc, one that holds the audience and satiates a need to know what happens next.  

Every good marketing video story is made up of the same 4 sections.

They are:
a) The Opening
b) The Problem
c)The Solution
d)The Call To Action

The point of creating a brief is to bring everyone involved in the making of the video on the same page about the story. This skeleton will help you flesh out a good script that aligns with your goals.

What's the result i should expect from my viewer?

  • What do you want your viewer to do or walk away with at the end of your video?
  • What's the key take-away after watching your video?
  • What’s the emotion that you want them to feel towards the end of the video?
  • How will it affect them during their daily routine?
  • What’s the measurable action that the user should take so as to move ahead in the company’s marketing or sales funnel?

Do you want them to:

  • Share the video
  • Sign up for a demo
  • Give contact details
  • Subscribe to your blog
  • Download a report

Answer these questions to plan out the journey you want your audience to take after viewing your video. When you know what you have to make your audience feel, think and do, you are bound to think about your script and write it well.

Your ultimate goal to write a video script is to convince your viewer to feel something and act on it— the call to action is where you ask them to do just that. And remember a CTA is not just your logo and a URL. Using a CTA directly can kill your narrative in a snap by giving a too salesy vibe to your audience. Nobody wants a brand to be pushed right on their face.

If you can’t close your video correctly, the momentum you’ve created will ultimately dissipate, and with it the impact you’ve tried to build.

Writing the Script for your next Marketing Video 
A video marketing script doesn’t need to be laced with fancy words or drama - you’re not submitting this script for Oscars! A good script gets across your message easily while sounding natural.

Write conversationally
Writing a script is not like writing a blog or an email. Write the way you want your video subject to speak. Or to be honest, the way your audience would expect the subject to talk on the screen. Keep the script short and crisp and avoid compound sentences.

Detail. Detail. Detail
A video script isn’t just dialogue. It should also include information on the location description, text overlays, character actions, and voiceovers. If your video transitions from the subject talking to a close-up shot of your product with a text overlay, mention this in the script separately. This will help the one who reads the script to differentiate between what’s supposed to be read on-screen versus what will be taken care of in the editing process.

Your video will also include multiple shots, characters, and scenes, so be sure to include all the necessary information and be thorough enough so that even other’s take care of it. This approach makes it easy to communicate a message as clearly as possible and saves on re-dos.

Write for the audience and the platform.
Young teens, middle-aged men, or older retirees? What’s your audience like? Connect with them through a conversational script - and infuse humour, tone, or inflexion accordingly.

Where’s your video getting published?  If it’s Instagram or Twitter, write your script with sentence fragments. If it’s a long-form explainer video for your website or YouTube or Facebook, be as thorough as possible.

Be brief & focus on a single message.
Don’t confuse your viewer by trying to put too much in one video. Choose a single story and a single message and reinforce it through imagery, animation, data, etc.

Shorter videos are more compelling and attention holding than longer videos. And to make a short video, you need a short script. Do two or three rounds of edits to cut the unnecessary fat in your writing. Read it out loud to listen to how it sounds. Check if it’s too proper? Improper? Robotic? Or otherwise not conveying the message you aimed to.

Cut the sentences short, make it more conversational if you feel it sounds off or is going on for too long. The goal is to provide your audience with maximum impact with minimum word count.

Quick Tip: Write a series of short scripts educating your viewers/users to get the most out of your platform.

A good script is a major step taken towards a stellar creative project bound to engage your audience. If they engage, they might buy and the prospects of a positive ROI increase.  Take your time with the script, do thorough research and write considering the points we have mentioned above.

Once each and every step is followed, and the script is rehearsed, reviewed and edited, the next step is production. 

Are there any other tips you have in mind for video marketers to write a great script? Feel free to reach out to us at

the most impactful video trends of 2019 - download free ebook


    the most impactful video trends of 2019 - download free ebook

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