Google vs Facebook : 2019 Edition

The 2 tech giants Google and Facebook are at it again. Both great visionaries in tech space are at logger heads as one tries to enter another's territory in one way or another.

At first glance, classifying Google as a direct competitor to Facebook might sound a bit off. After all, both companies serve entirely different purposes for their end users

One is a search engine, while the other is a social network.

Web surfers use one to seek specific information and the other to network with friends, family and professional acquaintances.

But it didn’t take long to turn this competition into a war. 

The war between the duos of Internet space has started since Facebook started gaining more popularity than any other brand in the social web. Companies started spending on advertising on social networking platforms rather than search advertising.

Google was always the leader in online marketing space - thanks to adwords. Being a search engine helps Google to be the platform of choice when it comes to everyone spending on ads to come on top on the search results.

It won’t be wrong to say that Google and social media have always had a clamorous relationship.

Google has tried to rival against Facebook by inventing Google +. Despite being a niche product it has a huge scope to regain Google’s lost market share in Social networking. Google + tried its best to act as an alternative but has to shutter its doors.

inside_2 (3)However it seems Google hasn’t completely given up on the social media. The company’s in-house incubator, Area 120 has recently developed a social network, ‘Shoelace’.

Shoelace is an invite-only application as of now and has been launched only in the city of New York. Currently, the app is available on both Android and iPhone devices.

The name Shoelace comes from the fact that it gets people ‘tied’ up based on their similar interests and hobbies. The focus is not on building yet another social networking app, but rather on leveraging a social app to inspire real-world connections.


Here Google tried to create an alternative to Facebook by offering tools to connect users around locations or shared interests, instead of only re-creating users’ established-friend networks online. 

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