Google is Releasing a Video Series for Businesses to Optimize Digital Marketing Opportunities

The current pandemic crisis has made it imperative for business leaders to adopt strategies that allow business continuity, customer stability and growth in revenues. It has changed the way the economy works for the foreseeable future.

The pandemic has created new marketing complexities and constraints. Cautious customer sentiment and a digital landscape swamped with an invasion of news make it difficult to break through the online clutter.

As consumers remain at home and outdoor marketing becomes redundant, having a strong digital strategy in place is essential.

Google is introducing a new video series, “The Update” to help marketers identify key opportunities and trends better, and provide updates on relevant Google ad products and tools to enhance reach and response.

In this video series, marketing leaders from Google and industry experts will look at what the latest data about the current climate can reveal, what your business needs to know right now, and the best methods and newest products to help you adapt to the new normal.

With so much disruption due to COVID-19, The Update will seek to help marketers make better use of the available digital ad tools, with insights from product analytics experts, search, Google Ads and more.

The first episode of The Update will be released in early June, and keeping an eye on it could be interesting.

With more businesses looking to maximize their online options, this could be a great educational and information resource.

Through social media, forums, chat and in-product tools, digitally managing customer relationships with tact, empathy, and mindfulness can help manage brand reputation during these challenging times.

Using the above strategies, businesses can switch to more cost-effective business services and more flexible working environments, setting the organization for success in a socially isolated world.


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