Google AMPlifies your Emails


Email has always been one of the most productive channels when it comes to driving positive ROI in digital marketing. However, it hasn’t changed for decades and it was about time someone did something about it. So when Google announced AMP for emails this week it seems like an interesting proposition. The new specs are available from Gmail development preview site and we can expect the features to be supported in Gmail later this year.

Accelerated Mobile pages (AMP)was launched in October 2015 by Google as a solution to speed up webpage performance on mobiles. Since its launch , over 31M domains have embraced Accelerated Mobile Pages to create more than 5 billion AMP pages across publishing, ecommerce and travel. Now with AMP your emails can be more engaging, interactive and actionable. In short, google wants to reduce the friction when it comes to engagement with your content. Providing fast, engaging & interactive content in your contact's inbox is a no-brainer.

Even though it does raise a few serious concerns, overall it looks like one more great opportunity for marketers to engage with their audience

Below i've mentioend a few benefits 

Real time content

Email can have dynamic content that will provide upto date information to the audience. Imagine, opening an email from the airline to see the updated flight times, or opening an old email and interactively updating to the the latest pricings & offers

Get Productive

Take actions such as book appointments, fill out surveys, submit rsvp watch content without leaving your inbox.

Browse and interact with content

With Amp you could engage and interact with content. Have a look at the pinterest example to get an idea.


For a long time, there was a clear break between the email and web content.You received information by email that can take you to a browser for further actions. Email was a simple communication channel that let information in or out. When you had to do something with the information you switched to the browser. With innovations like AMP, this line will get blurrier.

Should we leave emails as they are ? Do we need one more platform for engaging , interactive and actionable content ? It's too early to say but will be intriguing to learn how many people adopt this open platform.


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