Few tips to help you stay on top of your next digital campaign



Every Marketing manager will agree that you can never have enough time when planning a campaign. However according to Parkinson's law “A task will swell in proportion to the time available” so you will never have enough time. When working on a marketing campaign, how we decide to allocate our resources can define the outcome of our efforts. So Make sure you allocate your resources, time & energy in the right place to reap the benefits.

Here are a few tips that can help you as you work on your next Digital Marketing Campaign

  • Take some time to know strengths & skills of the team involved
  • Plan a good kickoff meeting to get the project started
  • Define expectations and measurements right at the beginning
  • Acting without a plan is like swimming in the dark so start by building a campaign plan. Even if its very basic one it's good to have something to start with.
  • Get everyone involved aligned to the deliverables & KPIs as early as possible
  • Shipping out is more important than perfection so stop building the perfect campaign and get the act going.
  • Hope for the best but prepare for the worst
  • During the campaign, a marketeers role is all about situation awareness and alertness. Trust your gut feelings & Be Proactive
  • Use of Tools and technologies is a great benefit so find the right ones that work for your team
  • Delegate - Never do things that others on your team can do better and be open to ideas
  • More you know about every aspect of the campaign the better you can control them. So keep a constant eye on things and be reactive
  • Pace yourself ( keep some steam for the final sprint)

In the end i would say it's important to be effective instead of being efficient. Tim Ferris, in his book 4 hour work week’ puts it perfectly - 'Doing something unimportant well does not make it important'.

Remember, efficiency is all about how well you ran the campaign whereas being efficient is all about getting closer to your goals. “Aim for effectiveness over efficiency”

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