Some Mother’s Day Digital Marketing Insights - Your Brand Cannot Afford To Miss


Just a week to go for Mother’s Day! The thought of what to gift our precious moms on the D’Day is in the air. A great occasion and opportunity for retail spends - Mother’s Day is deemed as equivalent or even greater than Valentine’s Day and Friendship Day when it comes to shopping indulgences. Both online and offline shopping gains ground ahead of this special occasion.

And, why not? Mother’s Day marks the perfect time for appreciating the relentless love, affection, hardwork and patience our mothers have invested in for us.

The weeks preceding the big day reveal great excitement and hullabaloo around the occasion, where most shoppers buy gifts roughly ten days before the date. However, there are also last-minute buyers and ones who would shop online a day or two before.

This is the ideal time to channelise and plan your business goals to make the most of Mother’s Day 2018.

Instead of a direct promotions, creatively invest in marketing strategies that engage your target audience and strike an emotional connect with them, along with some early bird discounts and free offers.

Here are some points to check for your digital marketing campaigns:

Use Different Digital Media Platforms for Promotions


  • Leverage social media channels, focussed email chains for email marketing and and send out promotional offers to reach out to the right audiences and their Mother’s Day plans. Starting early with marketing campaigns can help manage the additional orders and visits to your website.
  • Make your site ready for enhanced sales, invest in paid search advertisements, plan for display ads and emails that specifically target your ideal audiences. Partnering with a digital marketing agency is one of the best ways to boost your traffic base and also execute promotional campaigns. Exclusive offers & limited discounts are sure to be a big hit during this period.

Use Relevant Keywords & Custom-Curate Campaigns


  • Use hashtags like #Mother’sDay2018 and keep an eye out for relevant keywords that people are searching for. Case in point - ‘ideal gift for mom’ is a valid search that leads to many a blogs. Figure out a strategy to create the right kind of content that caters to the most common searches and therefore has the authority to come on the first page of Google search.
  • From mystery prizes on the D-Day to tailored campaigns leading up to attractive deals, a lot can be done at this time to get relevant leads. If you are targeting users specifically talking about the health or travel needs of their mothers and are basing your campaigns on that, you can even partner with a famous Youtuber, Blogger or a social media influencer as people will be more attuned to adhere to expert advice.
  • Creating & promoting videos (on Youtube, Instagram or Facebook) of how your retail brand can help create an experience for your audiences and their moms will build a connect with your brand much ahead of the big day. Don’t forget to incorporate a call-to-action (CTA) in all your content keeping in mind that the video is universal and will be viewed across all age groups. Keep the tone conversational.
  • You may also wish to introduce some special products for the D’Day customized to your consumer’s needs and launch a campaign or social media posts to promote these. You can put up products that sell well on your site next year as well, reiterating their successes this year.
  • Update your existing client database with new offers or deals everyday. Get in touch with your existing clients to spread the word about your offerings for the special day.

Give Equal attention to Webpage & Mobile App


  • Both web and mobile are great marketing spaces and invite quite the traffic. Leveraging both to get more eyes on your advertising campaigns is the ultimate route to having a successful reach ahead of Mother’s Day.
  • Deliver on the offers, discounts and other commitments so customers can keep coming back to you for value and inspiration. For this, you need to make sure that all the offers, coupon codes and deals your e-commerce store is providing are working effectively on PCs, social media and mobile alike.

Countdown Begins with Paid Ads & Broad Reach


  • Paid Display ads and pay-per-click advertising can give the necessary edge to your brand and increase your brand’s visibility as Mother’s Day approaches. CTAs are vital though and they should be specific as well for example, be direct if you want the users to visit your site to learn more about a product, visit your store or contact you.
  • Create specific Mother’s Day landing page, pop-up banners for the day’s deals so users can directly access all of the deals, gifts, products and offers easily. Specific Keywords that lead users to the gifts they are most likely to search for (if they’ve bought something specific from your site before) or are based on their repeat searches need to be integrated on these Mother’s Day pages.

How are you planning to celebrate Mother’s Day? More importantly how do you plan to make the most for your business on this occasion?

Optimise sales by planning campaigns early for Mother’s Day 2018.

Our seasoned digital marketing experts can help you set up these campaigns or create a buzz around your products and services on social media.

Hope you have a successful Digital Marketing Journey this Mother’s Day!


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