Creating Captions - The Formula to Success

In a visually driven platform like Instagram; do your captions actually carry value? 

Yes, they do. Captions are of importance, but it is good captions that actually add value to your brand. A very powerful tool that can make or break your post. So what is a good caption?

A compelling one, the one that drives to that specific call to action can be qualified as a good caption. A caption that stays with you is a good caption. A caption that generates a large number of responses from your followers is a good caption. 

With multiple descriptions, definitions and terms that actually only add to your confusion, how do you write a good caption? 

Let’s break it down.

5 Simple Tips to Remember while writing captions. 

  1. Grab Attention

We all know the attention span of people is shrinking, so write something worthwhile.

Think of your caption as a pick-up line. No, no I’m not saying be cheesy. If you can reduce a paragraph worth of words into one single line, which encapsulates everything, your caption will definitely grab attention. A simple and easy trick to skyrocket engagement numbers and actually start a conversation.

Note - While many Instagram pages do not need long captions; some write stories and poems in their captions. Here are a few examples. 

Image 1 -

Image 2 -

  1. Quote Numbers 

The statement “90% of people watch videos daily” performs much better than “a large number of people watch videos daily”. Captions which begin with numbers tend to attract more reads compared to the ones which do not include numbers.

One specific, defined value has the power of changing your social media caption game, use it. 

  1. Make it about ‘You’. 

Using the word “You” in your caption attracts the reader. When something is directed towards them; it has more chances of being read and retained. Humanizing your business social media page is a great way to kickstart the engagement. 

Asking the reader about their thoughts or opinions on a certain issue or topics increases responses.  The word “You” adds to the relatability of your caption. It speaks directly to the reader. So by using one word - “You”; a viewer scrolling through Instagram can become a potential customer for your brand. 

  1. Spark Self-Interest

A silent motivator and an invisible hand, self-interest guides the market. A continuation of the previous point, self-interest can definitely direct someone from your feed to the checkout page of the website. 

Mention the advantages of what you can do to better the lives of the reader; this sparks self-interest. This newly sparked self-interest can quickly translate into a need and then purchase. 

  1. Ignite Curiosity

Ask questions, make suggestions and speak out. Not many people can resist responding to a simple question? Especially when it’s based on a topic that has a direct impact on the reader. Small gestures like this can create curiosity for the readers. 

By igniting curiosity, your followers are forced to think about your brand and what you have said. A certain part of your caption has been retained by them. This can even move onto them talking about your brand and their opinions to friends, family and colleagues; thus transforming your caption into a conversation starter. 

Bonus Tip: Write captions which use the following words. 

  • New
  • Now
  • At last
  • How
  • How to 
  • Why
  • Which
  • Who else
  • Wanted
  • This 
  • Because 
  • Thank you!

You could use these above words while writing captions. Such words when integrated with your caption tend to grab attention and hence ensure, your caption is retained. 

The art of writing captions is hard to excel at but with enough practice; you can be sure of nailing each caption. A compelling caption has the power to make your audience reach that call to action; retain information and boost engagement.

With these 5 tips in mind along with the list of words; you can easily write the captions that your Instagram feed deserves. 

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