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The most successful B2B brands on Instagram recognize that the channels being ignored are the channels where opportunities lie.

Instagram, while growing quickly, is often still a channel that B2B brands are overlooking as an opportunity to drive results.

There are thousands of brands and a number of high-profile B2B organizations using Instagram to drive brand awareness, engage with their audience, and ultimately, to attract new customers.

But only few B2B brands are making the most of this network.

So let’s see what is it about these accounts that made them stand out.

1. Hubspot

HubSpot is a great solution to manage web content, create landing pages, manage your social media accounts, and measure the success of your results by leads & customers.



You will see all kinds of content pieces on their Instagram page. Hubspot shows a mix of statistics, graphs, images.

The brand sprinkles in some solid quotes and advice in their Instagram posts for their followers which are loved by all.

If you go through their feed, you will quickly notice that Hubspot is a feel-good account.

2. Grey Advertising

Grey advertising uses a unique way of marketing their content on Instagram.

Their account description reads, “Each week, one person from our Grey NY office takes over our Instagram to share what inspires them.”



With such a cohesive black and white aesthetic, Grey Advertising runs their Instagram account on a weekly basis.

Each and every week, they hand the reins over to an employee to post content for that entire week. It’s compelling and fresh, while still remains true to the brand’s identity.

Grey has one of the most different Instagram accounts when it comes to marketing, and definitely a B2B content pioneer.

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3. Ad Age

Ad Age's bio states "Important to Important People." With that in mind, Ad Age positions itself as an authority in the advertising space and often highlights celebrities on their cover shots or editorial content.



Although they focus on advertising, their content touches on a wide variety of topics like music, food, and anything they deem creatively inspirational. And this adds more value to their posts as people can connect with the brand.

4. Adobe

Adobe relies on visually visual elements to grab attention. The company has dedicated a lot of their time and strategy to showcase the amazing images that other members of the community has taken and then shared them with their followers.



This serves a couple of objectives.

First, when a large company like Adobe publishes something, others take notice and this creates a great opportunity for the user whose photos were shared to increase their network.

Second, they are able to curate some really awesome imagery that they would not otherwise have access to, which creates more value for their followers.

Such creatives allow the brand to speak to its customers whether they’re a multinational or a freelance designer.

5. Shopify

B2B brands should monitor the consistency of their posts, including how each post looks alongside others to users who visit branded social profiles.

A great example of content consistency comes from Shopify, which recently posted a series of videos from its #buildabiz campaign, in which they showcased the stories of some of the company’s most successful entrepreneurs.



Every video from the campaign starts with text overlaid on a black-and-white still photo of one or more people. This design consistency makes for a striking and cohesive story when users visit Shopify’s profile.

Shopify’s design strategy unifies these stories in a way that makes good design and business sense.

6. Intercom

It’s great when B2B companies continually share insightful information with their audience. Instagram may not be the right platform for an intricate research report, but it’s perfect for sharing compact, digestible data like industry stats.


Source :

The brand which is rightly doing is intercom.

This is the best way to show stats as people generally feel bored reading the reports. Statistics in the form of posts allow the reader to research more if they found it relevant.

7. Mailchimp

MailChimp, a yester-year email provider and now a marketing automation company takes full advantage of their playful monkey face logo by breathing life into his 2d form and transforming him into a veritable personality.

Their quirky brand image seeps through each photo, and make sure you laugh a little on the inside each time they post a new photo—an emotion we're sure they hope transfers over when you use their service.

mail chimp


Using logos is actually relevant as each time the reader sees the post, they can recall your brand easily.

In this way by using the logo, the brand makes use of humorous element which is liked and retained by everyone who visits the post.

8. Adroll

Taking the most holistic approach of all the Instagram accounts, AdRoll uses a broad stroke approach when it comes to visual content.

Company events, pop culture references, cute dogs, and behind the scenes looks at marketing campaigns. Perhaps of all the Instagram accounts on this list, AdRoll does the best job of making their company accessible.



9. LinkedIn

LinkedIn recognize that there are thousands of pages on Instagram that are solely dedicated to creating and sharing inspirational posts.

A motivational post combines a simple visual with an overlaid quote or uplifting text. These posts encourage your audience and amplify your brand values.



We must think about our audience and understand what type of content would leave them feel inspired. And this is what LinkedIn follows!

From there, create that content and share it so they feel so inspired they double tap,, tag a friend and share it on their own.

The most successful B2B brands on Instagram recognize that the channels being ignored are the channels where opportunities lie. Instagram, while growing quickly, is often still a channel that B2B brands are overlooking as an opportunity to drive results.

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Take some of these insights and use them for inspiration to try Instagram for your brand, or maybe try something entirely different. The key here is to recognize that the most innovative brands aren’t those that go with the flow—they’re the ones that take a shovel and create their own stream.

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    Video + Marketing Automation : A Match made in Heaven - download free ebook

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