Boost Event Attendance Through Social Media

Does your business conduct events?

Ever wondered if there was a more creative and engaging way to market your event? 

‘Social media’ can be just that – a powerful tool to promote your event. There’s nothing more engaging than social media.

This blog inculcates various ways to promote your event on social media.

When it comes to media event promotion, it’s important to make a plan. And Social media is a must have in your promotion plan to market an event to enable broader awareness, connection and engagement, across a range of streams.

It’s a perfect way to spread the buzz around. 

"When we're marketing for our Under 30 Summit—that audience gravitates a lot more to social. So they will respond more to a promotion on Instagram,” says Chardia Christophe-Garcia, Marketing Director at Forbes.

With lots of social media platforms to leverage, you spread out the word to various segments of your audience where they live online.

You can glean powerful business connections, enhance brand awareness, and increase your capacity to close more deals as a result. 

An effective social media event strategy involves connecting with your followers before, during, and after an event. 

Now let’s talk about- How to plan for social media event promotion?

The first stage is to Choose a Social network

Based on your industry and target audience, some social platforms may be more effective than others. 


For example, Facebook- To share event updates, engage followers, and create event pages. You can also use paid promotion to target your messaging to specific groups. LinkedIn– a good choice for company news and event announcements. It’s great for B2B and industry networking.

Next step is to Decide on a Hashtag!

Brainstorm and decide on one short, unique, and easy-to-understand hashtag for your event and push this hashtag on all of your event collateral and touch points. 


This hashtag helps you to create buzz and promote the event in a good way to your target audience. 

At the same time, ensure that your social media campaigns are all tied together and help potential attendees quickly find your social channels. 

After hashtag, start to Create Online Communities

Even before the event starts, you can create vibrant communities that bring people together.

Create Online Communities

Twitter chats, Slack channels, Facebook groups, and LinkedIn groups are various ways to start building up buzz for before, during, and after your event. 

Most event-goers attend events to network. Giving more opportunities to network at an event  makes your attendees more satisfied.

In fact, a Forbes study states that “networking is vital to the success of 78% of startups”

Turn Attendees into Event Promoters 

Don’t just stop at turning stakeholders into promoters; do the same with your attendees and make them the brand advocates.

Attendees into Event Promoters


Offer special discounts or prizes for attendees who share the event on social media and get people to sign up for it. 

Create a Highlight Reel From Prior Events

Video provides a great opportunity to convey the energy and excitement of a live event. Attendees upload the videos post event.

It helps educate them, develop trust in your brand and move them towards a decision to attend faster.

Spread the video on both YouTube and Vimeo. All the platforms have different strengths, so take advantage of that. 

YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world and the most used video platform on the Internet. Vimeo offers more control over your brand with no distracting banner advertisements. 

Ask Your Speaker to Give Event Highlight

A single exposure of a speaker might create buzz for the event amongst the people. Thus, it’s essential to post and share something worthwhile from the speaker as well. 

Ask your speakers to give a gist of what the event is all about and add that to a graphic containing a headshot of the speaker. 

This gives people something to connect to that speaker, a glimpse of his or her personality or presentation.

Use Photos of Attendees for Social Updates and Tag Them

Snap the fun moments from your event and create a status update. 

If you organize one more event, leverage those fun pictures of your attendees you took at previous events. 

Photos of Attendees

It generates great results if you simultaneously share great content on your social media. Recognize the people in your pictures and be sure to tag them if you can. 

This gives people an opportunity to comment and talk about how much they learned or what a great time they had and how much they look forward to attending again. 

Post Behind-the-Scenes Content

It needs a lot of work to pull off a fantastic event. 

Give a glimpse of such exciting experiences by sharing images and videos of the preparations going on.

Don’t forget, mistakes and challenges happen. Share the challenges and problems you face and what steps you took to resolve them. 

It humanizes your brand and makes you more relatable.

Drive Traffic to Your Registration Page with Facebook’s Call-to-Action 

You must have updated your cover photo to showcase your event, so why not take it a step further by adding a Call-to-Action (CTA) button?

Facebook rolled out its new CTA button for pages, said to “bring a business’s most important objective to the forefront of its Facebook presence.”

Make Your Event a Great Success

Planning an event takes quite a lot of effort. And after you've put all the effort in, be sure to go the last mile and make sure that as many people as possible experience your event. 

Whether it’s your new product launch, tradeshow or creative workshop; social media gives you endless ways to promote and measure the success of your event before and after.

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