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10 Content Ideas For LinkedIn B2B Marketing

Some people think of LinkedIn as a job search engine. Others use it as their only source of social media while at work. LinkedIn has been viewed as a…

How B2B Marketers Can Use LinkedIn in 2022

LinkedIn is a great platform for B2B marketing and one of the fastest-growing social media networks. It efficiently creates the solidly professional…

Maximize Your Company's Presence On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a valuable resource for businesses that are looking to hire top talent, generate leads, or raise brand awareness. Given the current…

How Brands Are Using AI To Deliver Better Strategy, Data and Innovative Ideas

Why has Artificial Intelligence (AI) become such a hot topic among marketers? 

The Importance of Content Marketing in your Digital Marketing Plan

Content Marketing is one of your most powerful tools as a marketer. Yes you heard me right, The Most Powerful Tool!

Marketing Trends To Watch in 2021

The current COVID-19 pandemic has changed how businesses work. 

Marketing in 2021 – Reimagining Marketing in the Next Normal

Have you started planning for 2021 in terms of Marketing? 

3 Types Of Social Media Marketing You Shouldn't Ignore

There's much more than just likes and shares in social media marketing! The social media environment of today's world is far bigger than sharing a…

6 Reasons Why Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy is Important

Let's start with one basic fact: your company needs a presence in social media. 

12 Types of E-Commerce Marketing Your Online Store Should Follow

'If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!' 

Build a Content Framework That Doesn’t Flop

Content marketing is the foundation of all digital marketing strategies taken by any organization. And, the reason is simple — it blends with all…

Creating Captions - The Formula to Success

In a visually driven platform like Instagram; do your captions actually carry value? 

How Will Digital Marketing Help Your SME? - All Your Questions Answered

Almost all businesses have been adversely affected due to COVID-19 pandemic, but small and mid-sized businesses are disproportionately bearing the…

How to Create Content on the Fly

At the start of every new month; social media managers have this one main problem to tackle; the social media calendar. Whether it’s on an excel…

Content That Boosts Engagement

Many different elements form a successful digital marketing strategy! From social media to search engines, it can be hard to know where you need to…

The "New Normal" of Email Marketing

With all the digital marketing strategies available to you, you may ask, what is the value of email marketing? 

Top 15 High-Performing Types of Content Marketing to Boost Audience Engagement

Are you encouraging yourself to come up with innovative ideas and new ways to share your brand information? Are you experimenting with the various…

Stories: Rising Face of Social Media Marketing

The Story format of social media will soon overtake feed-based messages. Invented by Snapchat and amplified by Instagram, Stories could become the…

Augmented Reality: A Game Changer in Marketing

Today's economies are being driven primarily by customer expectations and desires. 

Voice Marketing Guide for 2021

Voice search is taking off among consumers who are smitten with the latest home voice assistant devices, such as Amazon's Echo and Google Home. The…

Boost Event Attendance Through Social Media

Does your business conduct events? Ever wondered if there was a more creative and engaging way to market your event? 

Strengthen Your Mobile Marketing Plan for 2020

We all live in a Mobile-first world! Most of us start and end our day with mobile phones. It’s the first thing needed after waking up in the morning…

Mobile Wallet Marketing to Increase Consumer Engagement

Each year mobile devices broaden their role in digital marketing!

Key Trends for Your 2020 Mobile Marketing Plan

Technology opens up new opportunities for brands every day where mobile marketing plays a significant role.

It’s 2020: Is Blogging Required For My Business?

One of the most effective ways to build brand awareness, while providing relevant and useful content to your target audience is through blogs. They…

Google is Releasing a Video Series for Businesses to Optimize Digital Marketing Opportunities

The current pandemic crisis has made it imperative for business leaders to adopt strategies that allow business continuity, customer stability and…

8 Brands Doing Content Marketing Well During COVID-19

In a global pandemic, creating brand content is not on the list of priority for most brands. Brands will now reconsider the expectations of their…

Google Creates New Resource Listing to Help Brands Manage Campaigns During COVID-19

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed how we live and connect with the world.

Best 10 Game Marketing Examples

Gamers were once seen as outcasts in the schoolyard, work-shy dreamers and lone rangers who struggled to blend into the real world. But now the old…

Pinterest Illustrates New Resources for Businesses to Maximize Their Pin Presence

Like other social media, in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdowns, Pinterest has seen a massive rise in usage. 

Facebook Empowers Educators, Parents and Students to Get Digital !!

Since children spend more time online due to school closures and COVID-19 lockdowns, the possibility of them heading into the darker corners of the…

30 Game Metrics to Track User Loyalty in Online Games

You've spent countless hours to plan the game's ins and outs, nailing it down from the stages to the characters. So what's next? How will you ensure…

Is Online Gaming the New Social Media?

Social media and online gaming were two distinct entities. There was less overlap between the two, the reason being their separate audiences.

Effective Crisis Management & Communication to Empathize with the World Market

COVID-19 is like an ancient plague brought upon us. It originated from China but the adverse effect is not only extreme in China, the epicenter of…

Impact of COVID-19 on Online Shopping Behaviour and ECommerce

It's not too early to conclude that the global COVID-19 pandemic is likely to be one of 2020's defining events, which will have consequences that…

Instagram Feed VS Instagram Stories

When Instagram first popped onto the scene back in 2010, it was just like any other social platform; filled with selfies, pets, and pictures of food.

Benefits of Video Marketing for Your Business

Video Marketing is all over the web. Look no further than your favorite brands, your Facebook, your Instagram, your YouTube homepage, there it is…

Organic Influencers: The Future Of Influencer Marketing

When we talk about influencers, people mostly think in the traditional sense: celebrities or people who are known to have massive followings on…

Common Mistakes and Challenges to Avoid in Event Marketing

As an event planner, you might underestimate the amount of time and work needed to plan a successful event and often make common mistakes along the…

Brands Doing Instagram Right

The most successful B2B brands on Instagram recognize that the channels being ignored are the channels where opportunities lie.

B2B Marketers Shouldn't Ignore Instagram

Instagram has taken the social media world by storm. Currently, the platform has more than 7.7 billion users.

How To Choose The Right Venue For Your Event

In this era of digital world, live events are mostly preferred by the marketers.

Tips and Hacks for Event Marketing

In today’s scenario of buyer-authorised world, marketers need to grasp every opportunity to build relationships and earn the trust of prospective…

Ways to Increase Event Registration

So are you planning to organize an event and are wondering how to get more attendees? Sometimes to get people register to your event doesn't go as…

Why B2B Business Should Conduct Events

Event marketing is on the rise and it is an effective marketing strategy. An integral part of your marketing strategy needs to be event marketing.

Email Marketing to Promote Your Event

When it comes to promote an event, few channels deliver good results and the most considered one is email marketing.

Whatsapp Marketing: The elixir for building traction for your Events

Event marketing is so much more than just selling event tickets. There is an entire process and cycle to be completed to reach the end profitable…

Instagram Hashtags For Your B2B Social Media Strategy

With around 95 million photos posted on it every day, it becomes difficult for Instagram to manage data and efficiently deliver the right content to…

Top tools to manage your instagram

So you finally decided to take this whole social media thing seriously for your business and there’s no doubt – your business needs to be on social…

Actionable Event Marketing Strategies for your next event

Planning an event can be overwhelming at first. However, with the right strategies and people in place you can make your event a great success.


Let’s just get straight to the point. Are you someone who has always thought about conducting an event, but couldn’t figure out where to start? Or…

5 Effective Email Marketing Strategies, Backed by Data

Welcome to the world of email marketing!

LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

But you can’t limit its use to just network, stay in touch with people, and find new jobs. It’s way beyond that!

Google vs Facebook : 2019 Edition

The 2 tech giants Google and Facebook are at it again. Both great visionaries in tech space are at logger heads as one tries to enter another's…

Influencer Marketing

People do not buy goods and services; they buy relations, stories and magic. And as marketers we are actively focusing on how to achieve these KPI's…

Personalisation rules the (Digital) World

At present we are living in the ‘Culture of Me’. Our digital interaction on any device or platform is getting personalized everyday. The power of…

Why brands need to live stream?

Video is a great marketing tool, there is no doubting that. However, it looks as though some businesses refrain from pursuing this opportunity…

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