3 Types Of Social Media Marketing You Shouldn't Ignore

There's much more than just likes and shares in social media marketing! The social media environment of today's world is far bigger than sharing a funny post or meme, and then miraculously hoping it will take off with your audience. 

Social media has not only sustained but grown each year to retain its position as one of the most influential platforms in modern marketing despite all the changes in digital marketing over the past decade. 

But social media is far from simple, for all its promise. In a melting pot that is as frustrating as it is strong, frequent updates, fierce rivalry, and rapid changes in industries, customer interests, privacy regulations, and, of course, technology all come together.

So, if you want to beat the competition and remain as current as possible, you shouldn't disregard 3 types of social media marketing.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers who get paid exorbitant sums to endorse brands dominate social media today. For several brands, working with influencers is the number one marketing strategy. These advantages are included in a clear response to why influencer marketing works: 

  • Target a wider audience 
  • Build trust in your brand 
  • Grow your followers   
  • Increase traffic on pages 
  • Obtain more leads 
  • Drive more sales 

You need to try smarter marketing strategies if you want to be among the winners in this mobile marketing competition.

These content creators are already marketing through multiple platforms to your target audience, enabling you to extend your reach across your customer personas.

The primary advantage for you is that you hit a very large audience when one of these influencers shares what you have developed with their followers. But, of course, unless you already have a friendship with them, you should not expect an existing influencer to share your new blog post. 

You need to get to the point where your own experience is valued and recognized by them and look forward to seeing what new content you are bringing out.

Influencer marketing helps established brands attract more customers, and give them more exposure, and helps small companies scale better.

Dark Social Media

It's no secret that the number of social media posts you see has begun to decrease. So, does this mean that individuals have stopped sharing the material they consider interesting? Of Course not, the way users share content is the only thing that has changed. 

Conversations are switching to private messaging apps from public feeds and timelines. 

We all came across a video or an article at some point, thought of others, and then sent them the connexion in a letter. You want to have a discussion about it in private. If you did that before, then you have used dark social networks. 

Simply put, posting information secretly is called dark social in simple terms. The "dark" part of the name refers to the difficulty that marketers face with such messages when calculating ROI.

In its authenticity, the strength of dark social lies. It is more intimate since it is used by individuals for one-on-one interactions. This factor has been grasped by many advertisers and leveraged to their benefit. To include the dark social experience, they've changed their social media strategies.

One of the first brands to move into the dark social game was Adidas. The campaign for Tango Squad was introduced to build a group of brand ambassadors who would collaborate on private messaging apps.



Targeted Paid Social Media Ads & Messages

Last but not least, in your marketing plan, you should seriously consider integrating some sort of paid social media. Nearly all social media sites now allow you to promote posts, enabling far more people to see them than just your current follower base. 

However, make sure you use the most suitable medium for your business; target the right audience, and submit that targeted traffic to your very best content.

Paid advertising on social media is very distinct from conventional outbound advertising. 

Big data and machine learning enable you to quickly locate, aim, and reach your audience. Each platform is intended to promote your company's objectives, such as brand recognition, lead generation, traffic to the website, and more. 

For insights into how to optimize your social media advertisement campaign's results, you can also access native analytics. As organic reach continues to decline on social networks, you should be on the top of your mind with paid social media ads. 

As a result, corporations of all sizes are expanding their strategies for social media to include paid media. Paying for social media enables you to maximize visibility, boost targeting, and drive greater outcomes.

Start Using The 3 Types of Social Media Marketing

Social networking sites provide you with an exceptional opportunity to broaden your online presence and catch more leads. You will open up ways to meet more members of your target audience if you know the various types of social media sites you can use.

Do you want to learn more about how social media marketing and advertisement on various types of social media sites can extend your reach?

Don’t worry, we are here to help!

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