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Twitter Highlights the Emergence of Gaming

Gaming is a hot topic on all the social media platforms, and the recent rise could be directly linked to the Coronavirus pandemic, as many other types of entertainment are currently inaccessible. 

Gamers come to Twitter to discuss the biggest game launches, exciting highlights from their favourite esports events, and the new industry trends.

They come to see what the biggest gaming legends have to say. The most fascinating possibility is that such interactions transcend the gaming world. 

Here, gamers interact while connecting with the brands they love.

Do you know about gaming's impact on modern culture? If not, you're missing out on the biggest change in how the next generation interacts.

Online gaming has become an irreplaceable aspect of our global culture; and by 2022, gaming is expected to become a $196 billion industry.


Image Source - Social Media Today

The gaming industry has encouraged creativity by continually pushing the limits of what's possible, and has inspired companies like Google and Microsoft to develop new technologies to satisfy the world's billions of gamers.

And gaming is turning even bigger, even faster, amid the COVID-19 lockdowns. Again, if you don't pay attention, you should be, as it might provide you with new branding and outreach opportunities inside the gaming spaces.

Highlighting this, Twitter published new data this week on its website about the changing gaming conversation.

There are over 1.2 billion tweets about video games in 2019 and now the gaming debate on Twitter is bigger than ever in 2020 as Twitter has seen a 71 % rise in gaming tweets over the last two weeks of March as the lockout holds people at home.

The main reason being people spending more time at home, and they search for ways to keep them busy.

As a result, entertainment sources like online gaming and streaming platforms allow us to pass the time and, more importantly, to remain indoors — a factor that is most beneficial in the situation we are in.

It quickly replaces those practices which are no longer feasible because of social distance and isolation.

Gaming events are on the forefront! This week, Minecraft hosted a concert called 'Block by Blockwest' featuring big acts such as Massive Attack and Pussy Riot.

Such a great move of creative and adaptive gaming brings entirely new insights and affects how we view online gaming.

Gaming offers a variety of new potential opportunities and considerations.

In fact, with live and interactive experiences getting much more attention during lockdown, it might be worth exploring how you can incorporate in-game experiences in your digital marketing strategy.

This will definitely get bigger in future. When games become more advanced, and communication platforms get more interactive, people will seek to engage more in gaming.

As noted, a massive shift in the way people interact might ignite this current cycle. It's really an endless domain as the next era of customers are already here.

So why do you have to miss this chance?

It is worth exploring how the degree of interaction can influence current trends, and how, in particular, young audiences are learning to interact with these trends.

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