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The Digital News Roundup: Oct 2019 #1

1. Instagram Shopping posts as ads.

Instagram has always been innovative in finding new ways to engage its audience. People across the globe, love to share, explore, and browse on Instagram. They can directly contact and shop from business through this app.

intagram ads

Instagram Shopping - Has made it easy and attractive for shopaholics to search and buy their products online. Instagram provides the best shopping experience for its users and also for online businesses to run their existing shopping pages smoothly.

Instagram has recently launched the potential for businesses to run their existing shopping posts as ads, using the Ads Manager. Few selected enterprises can test this experience for feedback.

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Organizing these shopping posts as ads provide the same experience users already know and love.

There are more than 120 million accounts that make use of tags from Instagram's shopping posts every month. These tags are used to direct the shoppers to a product description page within Instagram, where they can select and proceed to purchase using this mobile app.

2. LinkedIn Launches Events to Facilitate Professional Meet-Ups.

LinkedIn has launched a new feature for its users to create their event pages via the Community panel to the left side of the News Feed in the mobile app.

linkedin events

People will be able to seamlessly create and join professional events, invite connections, manage events. Members can also have conversations with other attendees and stay in touch online after the event ends.

LinkedIn Events - Assists users to plan and organize Person Professional Gatherings easily. Using LinkedIn Event features, people can communicate with members across the globe. And can plan multiple face-to-face professional gatherings. Both the organizers and the attendees can send event invitations to their connections, using this professional social network.

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The main features of the Linkedln Events are:

Organizer: Operators and event's Host.

Attendee: Participants of the Event

3. Facebook Launches New Feature Which Enables Advertisers to List Ad Text Variants.

Facebook provides advertisers with Multiple Text Optimization allowing advertisers to include multiple text variations for Ads. They are offering several versions of headlines, ad copies, and descriptions for single-media ads. Facebook's ad system then works with these and dynamically serves up the combination it determines will deliver the best results.

Facebook responsive

This option is an essential expand to Facebook's - Dynamic Ads, which enable Facebook's systems to showcase your product based on connected inventory listings. These are basic ad templates that automatically use images and details from the advertiser's data feed for products they like to advertise.

4. Instagram Provides Key Tips to help advertiser maximize their on-platform efforts.

Instagram's influence is on the rise, with more people tuning into the latest trends and happenings through the app. Technically, more brands are looking to build an Instagram presence. Instagram has published a set of platform pointers and notes to help marketers produce better Instagram content and build a stronger presence.


To market their products and services using Instagram stories, posts, and videos.

Instagram says that 80% of its users follow at least one business, 75% of users have taken action, like visiting a website, after seeing brand content on Instagram. While 60% of users regularly discover new products on the platform.

Instagram has included another remarkable piece of news – that the platform has now surpassed one billion monthly active users.Instagram is clearly into the top social apps, in terms of users, and makes it Facebook's fourth billion-user platform.

These were top news from around the world of social media this month!


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