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The Digital News Roundup : Nov 2019 #3

1. Facebook announces: Metrics being removed

Facebook is replacing several metrics with new ones that may provide more actionable insights.

Facebook announces - "October 2019. We are making several updates to our video and lead ads metrics beginning 29 October 2019. We will remove metrics related to 10-second video views and will rename several other video metrics. We will also be consolidating our leads metrics.”


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The removal includes 10-second video views, cost per 10-second video view and unique 10-second video views. These metrics are going to be removed in October, to help user understand their Add performance. They will rename several of these video metrics to make the names clearer and consistent.

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2. LinkedIn Strengthen Language Translation!

Linkedin has come up with several new features that provide instant translation of feed content, enabling members to experience content in their own interface language. It is providing a personalized experience by introducing two new settings that allow you to input all the languages you understand, as well as the content you do not want to be offered translations for. You are also being able to define which language you would like all content translated into.


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This makes the choice of content experience clear, and also extends translations offered beyond the LinkedIn interface to offer 60+ languages for translation.

3. Facebook has Launched - New groups to Connect with Coworkers on a Platform.

Communicate and Collaborate With Coworkers using Facebook Groups. According to Facebook this will help "connect with their coworkers more easily". This will enhance the way in which people get work done with their coworkers. This will enable members to receive messages without being Facebook friends, this will only be showing work related information like - Job profile, company title and location. Members will easily be able to interact with each other more easily and work collaboratively.


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4. VP of Design, Shares List of UpComing Features on Twitter .

Twitter's VP of Design and Research Dantley Davis has shared a catalogue of five new features that looking forward to in 2020.


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Here is what on the list:
“Features that I’m looking forward to in 2020.

- Remove me from this conversation

- Don’t allow RT of this tweet

- Don’t allow people to @mention me without my permission

- Remove this @mention from this conversation

- Tweet this only to: hashtag, interest, or these friends.”

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