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The Digital News Roundup : Nov 2019 #2

1. Facebook Announces Change to Organic Page Impressions, Removal of Gray Verification Badges.

Facebook has announced that it will be removing all of its gray verified badges, designed to display Page authenticity for businesses, by October 30th. This is based on the feedback from users who were uncertain on what it actually represents.

Facebook gray badge removal

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As Facebook is having two different versions available, that is gray badges and blue badges, it is confusing for some people to understand the difference between an official, blue tick verified Page, and a Page that goes through more ID verification for a gray one.

facebook ticked

2. How to use Google’s new shopping tool to get alerts when stuff goes on sale.

Google has introduced a latest enhancement, to the online shopping tool with a price tracking option that can help its users save money . Google to notify with an alert on your phone when the price drops.


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Users can search for different products they might want to buy with Google Shopping and when the price of these products drops, an alert is sent ad they can buy it on sale.

The alert option can be used by tapping on the shopping tab.

3. Instagram Provides New features to Help Improve Your Stories Effects.

Instagram has published a new set of features for Insta Stories, covering a range of creative and attractive options, these are generally very simple to implement.


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They make Insta Stories, quite eye-catching and playful for people to learn and understand your business, it can help you put together standout visual effects and share real user reviews.

The features also include options to share business stories and multiple attractive formats to display your products. Allows service-based business, to give people a glimpse of their services.

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Here are 5 ways you can use stories!

4. LinkedIn Publishes New Research into Common Mistakes Made in Measuring Social ROI.

Return of Investment is a key topic of discussion around the social media marketing sector. As which of the users are actually willing to spend money with the brands? Is your social media activity actually expressive? Do these activities follow likely consumer purchase behavior?

the long and short

LinkedIn conducted research, surveying over 4,000 digital marketers across the globe, and has come up with the struggles of Digital-marketers. The major reason for the mistakes are marketers hasten to deliver results quickly.


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