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Snapchat's 'Scan a Brand Logo' Creates An Immersive AR Experience

Snapchat now moves forward with its new Snapchat Scan ad option. The scan option enables users to 'scan' a brand logo in order to offer a unique and branded AR experience. But the Scan option is currently available for iOS devices only.

According to Adweek report, Coca Cola and McDonald's became the first brands to try out the new option. The new Snapchat Scan process will enable users to hover over the brand logos with the Snapchat camera, which will then identify and recognize the logo image and liberate a new experience.

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The Scan option is acclaimed as an innovative use of AR tools of Snapchat, and Snap has been working on the process for some time.

It combines visual search and augmented reality as people will use Snapchat to hold their finger on the application’s camera screen and search for content and AR lenses related to what the camera is focused on.

In this case of Coca Cola and McDonald's, the camera focus is on the respective logos of the fast-food and beverage giants.

With Scan activated on their iOS devices, Snapchat users can scan the McDonald’s logo on products such as Burger wrappers, French Fry boxes, and Food trays to allow access to three immersive McDonald’s AR lenses.

The users can also scan the Coca-Cola logo on cans to unlock three immersive Coke AR lenses, also accessible via Lens Carousel.

But the scan only works on the original logo of Coca-Cola and cans that contain it, such as Coke Zero.

Snapchat’s research and development team worked with the two strategic partners to train its machine learning algorithm to identify their logos on various products with high precision.

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Product Marketing Manager of Snapchat’s AR team, Carolina Arguelles, mentioned in an email that the two companies’ Scan initiatives emphasize their existing marketing campaigns and help expand their digital content into the physical world.

She added that some of the dynamic lenses unlocked via Snapchat Scan are promoted to Snapchatters directly via the app.

Brands drive an incremental value from the immersive creatives they develop to reach both existing and potential new customers.

With an increase in brand partnerships for Scan, Snapchat allows users to engage with brands they like, while those brands can drive engagement via the content generated by the AR lenses and turn Snapchatters into brand advocates.

This entire process enables businesses to offer sales discounts and promotions based on the visual content of an image. For example, in the below image, a person who has taken a Snap of a cup of coffee is being offered a discount coupon based on the content of that snap.

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Snapchat scan process utilizes images in the same manner that Google ads are triggered by keywords. It generates a competitive market place for its visual catalog.

The image shown is a rundown of how Snapchat utilizes an ad bidding framework for recognized images, it creates a whole new advertising ecosystem within the Snapchat app.

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There are a very few dominoes that would need to fall in order to facilitate that next stage for Snapchat, but this first stage of image-recognition triggered ad tools is a key marker.

This could become a major element for Snapchat to move forward and stand ahead of other ad platforms.


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