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LinkedIn Presents Key COVID-19 Insights and Content Ideas

For all the content strategists, a huge challenge right now is to strike the right note and to define which information is truly useful.

Content and engagement trends from the LinkedIn platform indicate that professionals are talking about the evolving world of work today and the related sub-topics that arise from it.

LinkedIn now published a new playbook which highlights the key content trends and includes a range of tips on how to maximize the connection with your audience. It also includes examples of how brands around the world have responded to the crisis. The 22-page document contains some handy, helpful insights and notes.

LinkedIn highlights a massive rise in content engagement on its platform around COVID-19 theme in recent months.

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LinkedIn has seen steady growth in overall user engagement, but like all online platforms, usage has gone up significantly during the coronavirus lockdowns.

In particular, engagement with COVID-19 content, would suggest that business people are seeking answers and a deeper understanding of what is happening and how they should respond to the pandemic.

So how do businesses respond to the given increase in COVID-19 related engagement? What should brands publish to help maintain and even grow connections at this time with their audiences?

LinkedIn shares 3 key content areas to focus for your brand and publish on the platform:

  • Amplify the organization's culture, and compassionately manage your employees through change.
  • Illustrate what drives your company and make it part of the mission for your audience to overcome the emerging landscape.
  • Transform to drive continuity of business and lead the way to satisfy changing customer needs.

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LinkedIn provides an overview for each of these key elements of what they mean specifically for your content efforts, and how LinkedIn can facilitate such efforts, including various examples from real brands.

The detailed resource is surely worth reading, as it discusses key market opportunities in the current environment and how brands can try to channel their external communications in line with the LinkedIn community's preferences and needs.

Access the resource here to identify the primary change you’ll make to your LinkedIn content strategy.

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