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LinkedIn makes advertisement more transparent with a new Ads tab

Social media platforms are the most popular form of communication channels today but unfortunately most of them are often misused to spread mistrust, fake news, propaganda & malice. As a consumer you have the right to know if you are consuming content you choose or is it some curated content driven by some marketers paid campaign.

LinkedIn-Ads-TabThe growing societal intolerance, It has now become essential for Social media companies to take a stand against this abuse of their platforms. Facebook was the first to take the lead in this transparency efforts, with other platforms playing catch up. And the recent announcement from LinkedIn to make all the recent ads from the company searchable by the platform users shows that they are not going to stay behind.

With its strong focus on business and employment-oriented service, LinkedIn seems less of a target of such misappropriate use . However, we still think its a good decision from them to reveal all advertisement that is running for a brand/business on their Linkedin page.

The new 'Ads' tab on LinkedIn pages allows its members to view all the sponsored content that advertisers have run in the last 6 months. Members can click & view the ads from the advertisers page at no cost to the advertiser for such engagement with their content. It seems that although this new update is built to increase the transparency, it may lead to more clicks to a landing page without even increasing the ad budget.

This new feature also gives LinkedIn members better understanding and control of Ad experience, including new ad settings that can be managed from the individual’s account. Also any ad run by a company gets an extra six months of exposure in the new Ads tab. With this benefit company must also stay extra careful as the consumers can easily see if they are running deceptive ads.

This update will be available over the next few months and according to LinkedIn this change is only the beginning. There will be more future updates to provide useful information to the members about ads. The company mentioned on their blog, that they are committed to providing a safe, trusted, and professional environment where members can connect with each other, engage with relevant content, and grow their careers.

This seems like a step in the right direction from LinkedIn toward increasing transparency on their platform and create a trusted environment. We hope initiatives such as these will make advertisers and marketers use ads on their platform responsibly.



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