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Facebook has come out with a new option which will enable advertisers to include multiple text variations for their ad copy, which Facebook's systems will then be able to choose from when displaying the ad to different users.

The new option 'Multiple Text Optimization' is similar to Google's 'Responsive Ads', which allows advertisers to include alternative text options, which its systems can then test and optimize generate the best results.

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This new option essentially expands on Facebook's Dynamic Ads which enable Facebook's systems to display your products based on connected inventory listings.

That process utilizes a similar flow, in that it displays items to users based on what Facebook's systems determine that they'll be most interested in.

Multiple Text Optimization will do the same, but with variations of the text, which could expand the potential combinations and help Facebook drive better results.

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In order for Facebook's systems to determine what works best, it'll need the ad budget to be able to run its own tests of the various text elements which could mean that you need to spend more in order for it to be effective.

But then again, that extra spend could pay off if Facebook's process is able to determine more effective presentation combinations, leading to increased user action.

That's the trade-off of most of these system-defined tools while they can drive better results, they need as much response data as possible in order to determine the most effective combinations and audiences.

And in order to do that, advertisers need to allocate a large enough ad budget to generate the required results.

Still, it could be a good option, providing another way to optimize your Facebook ads.

Let's talk about the second update.

Facebook launches 'Facebook News', a dedicated tab for news content.



The 'News' tab aims to support new forms of journalism in the digital age and give greater control to users over the stories that they see.

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As you can see, the format is pretty simple.

Facebook is adding a new tab to the top navigation bar within the app which will take you through to its News content listing.

From there, users will be able to view the latest news by topic, hide sections or publications, get a general news update.

The tab is designed to cater to your personal news needs every day, with a curated listing of content from approved providers.

Currently available for users in the US, the tab will give people more control over the stories they see and the ability to explore a wider range of their news interests, directly within the Facebook app.

Under the dedicated 'News' tab, Today's Stories will be chosen by a team of journalists.

It will allow personalisation based on the news you read, share and follow.

The 'News' tab will have topic sections to dive deeper into the business, entertainment, health, science and tech and sports.

Facebook News will feature a wide range of content across four categories of publishers: general, topical, diverse and local news.

Campbell Brown, VP, Global News Partnerships at Facebook said, subscriptions will be a section for people who have linked their paid news subscriptions to their Facebook account and they will have control to hide articles, topics and publishers they don't want to see.

According to Facebook, it aims to serve both people and news publishers, and not just the big national players.

The company wants new forms of journalism in the digital age, including individual, independent journalism, to flourish.

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