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Instagram Released COVID-19 Playbook to Help Businesses Use the Platform Efficiently

Owing to the COVID-19 shutdowns and the pandemic's wider human effects, marketers continue to find it challenging to grasp where they are positioned and how they can sustain relations with their customers at this time.

To help with this, Instagram has released a new COVID-19 playbook for enterprises that describes a variety of ways in which brands and marketers can make effective use of the different tools of the platform to help sustain links with their audience during the global pandemic and optimize performance.

The guide contains both basic tips on what you should be searching for using the features of Instagram for, as well as 'how to' overviews for each object. 

The guide explicitly looks at how brands can 'act during COVID-19' by using the resources available, including notes on Instagram Live, IGTV and Stories.

There are some useful tips and considerations; and while Instagram just focuses on the various considerations, the guide also offers numerous examples of real-world inspiration that you can look out for. 

The guide also offers more detailed overviews on each of the main elements of the platform, with suggestions and breakouts of ideas for each.



It is just a 13-page brief document, but it packs a lot of interesting tips, so it's worth checking out, even if you're sure that the app covers all of your bases. 

There might be something you hadn't thought about, a basic suggestion that makes you learn new ways of using the platform.

The guide is listed in the latest COVID-19 Resource Directory of Instagram, which can also be accessed here

In addition to this, Instagram has also shared 6 key tips on how brands can keep an audience link through Instagram Stories.

  • Make it Easy for People to Support your Brand

The first tip of Instagram is to facilitate ways that people can support your company using the latest gift card from Instagram and food ordering stickers in your Stories frames. 

You can then save your Highlights stories to optimize their impact and engagement.

  • Uplift and Inform

Instagram suggests that marketers will also look at telling inspiring stories of kindness and commitment and promote messages from credible sources of health and safety.

It is in line with recent advice from Twitter's study, which suggested customers are looking for brands to provide reliable information and support in their local communities.

  • Share Your Story

Instagram says brands will go behind the scenes and share insights into what's really going on in their industry as a result of COVID-19, and how they're working to fix key problems, and support their suppliers and communities.

  • Start a Conversation

Instagram says marketers are using the question sticker to connect with clients and ask how they feel. 

Instagram also suggests using tools such as the Countdown sticker to create digital event engagement.

  • Answer FAQs

Instagram also indicates that marketers are considering using Stories to address specific questions that they are currently getting, helping to explain what is going on. 

  • Engage Your Community

And finally, Instagram notes that stories are where people want to express themselves, and marketers can tap into that by providing users with challenges and models to re-share their stories and tag their mates.

These are some interesting ideas and will certainly help you think about how you can use your unique approach to stories.

Marketers and brands need to get used to the format, and these guidelines may be the first step towards enhancing the visibility and process of your Instagram marketing, allowing you to better communicate with your customers.

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