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How to Stay Optimistic When the Chips are Down

Stay Optimistic

As an entrepreneur, you are going to be challenged every single day by problems at work. As things start getting a bit difficult, people keep suggesting to stay calm, optimistic and have a positive attitude towards your Work. This seems a lot easier said than done & on most days issues can really deplete your energy. At such times its important to be aware of your state of mind and stay in control of your energy levels. This may seem a difficult thing to do but you have to start somewhere. So here are a few tips that i find useful

Don't try, Be optimistic

To stay optimistic you got to shape your midset to believe in yourself and stay positive. Pushing self to do something that you don’t believe in is not going to work. So be optimistic and have a positive attitude that everything is alright and can be handled.  As Master Yoda says “ Do or Do Not. There is no Try”.

Stop Blaming yourself

When things don’t go their way. Optimistic people believe the situation wasn’t right. They never blame themselves as long as they put in their best effort. So stop blaming yourself  and traing yourself to see good in any situation.

“Keep Calm and stop Blaming youself”

Make the Attitude adjustment

Most people can’t stop themselves from thinking about one thing or the other. However, you can control what to think about so when the thughts start wavering in teh negative space focus on reshuffling the thoughts to something more postitive. Dont let the negative thoughts bog you down. If you decide to ignore the negative thoughts and focus on whats inportant you kill them before they grow bigger in your head.

Our mind can’t stay clear of thoughts for long. You can't force yourself to stop thinking negative thoughts instead everytime your thoughts turn negative you have to consciously replace them with positive ones.

Slow down

Our Lizard brain that is in charge of our basic need can cause us to panic at times of stress. Its imprtant to tame it before it causes havoc. The best way to handle it is by slowing down a bit. Pause & give yourself time to think before you react. Even a few seconds to think of an outcome can have a significant impact on your decisions and eventually the outcome.

Old Way : Action -> Reaction -> Outcome
New Way : Action -> Think -> React -> Measure Outcome.

Be Aware

Leadership is all about awareness of situation and alertness. Knowing the state of your Business is going to help you react to the situation appropriately. It will give you confidence to take decisions more proactively.

In the end, I would say as a startup entrepreneur everyday you will have challenges  flying in your direction. Don’t doubt yourself, put in your best effort and pursue your dreams.


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