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Google Ensures Privacy; Instagram soon to have a Desktop Messenger App

Here's good news for all of you marketers from last week!

The two Internet giants - Google and Instagram are about to bring new modifications for their users.

Google says it will investigate ways to preserve users' privacy without an impact on their display ad experiences through AI and machine learning. On the other hand, Instagram will soon bring direct messaging to desktop with a Messenger-like interface.

Google is soon to roll out machine learning to manage ad frequency that doesn't rely on cookies in Display & Video 360. Google plans to bring this capability to its display offerings in Google Ads as well.


Cookies are not for mobile apps. Google and Facebook have led the shift towards the use of deterministic IDs of signed-in users.

The feature uses machine learning to analyze traffic patterns when third-party cookies are available and build models to predict trends when a cookie isn't present. You will get an estimate of how likely it is for users to visit different publishers who are serving the same ads through Google Ad Manager.

Google says this solution offers greater privacy for users while still being able to serve ads in a way that's effective for publishers and marketers.

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All user data passes through Google's machine learning models; no user-level information gets shared between websites. This feature relies solely on a publisher's first-party data to inform the ad frequency for its site visitors.

Usually, when third-party cookies are blocked or restricted, advertisers no longer have the ability to limit the number of times someone sees an ad. That means someone who blocks cookies may end up seeing the same ad over and over again. The company also says the feature respects a user's choice to opt-out of third-party tracking.

Now in other News.

Instagram is one of the most popular photo-sharing apps in the world but available to mobile phones. The desktop experience of Instagram is minimal, and for the most extended period, it lacked the basic features like Direct Messaging (DM).


However, all that is set to change, and the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app will soon let its users DM each other on their desktop web browser.

Instagram Direct on the web will have a list of users and messages on the left side and individual conversations on the other bottom of the page. Users will also be able to open up another tab on the right to see message information, such as a list of members in a conversation.

Some features, such as the ability to upload stories, are restricted to the mobile app and mobile web only.

Instagram has said it has "no plans to let users upload photos or stories from the desktop."

Direct messages coming to the web would be a huge step forward for the previously mobile-only app. It will make it easier for those who use Instagram Direct for customer service queries to integrate them into their broader social workflow.

The move could also have something to do with Facebook's plans to consolidate Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram DMs into a single unified platform.

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