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'Dynamic Ads' on Snapchat

One of the most impactful updates of the year is here.

Snapchat has launched a ‘Dynamic Ads' option which will essentially create Snap ads for you, based on your uploaded product catalog. Snapchat says that its Dynamic Ads will begin in the coming weeks for US advertisers, with support for additional regions planned in the coming months.

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The system will display your products to relevant audiences as it sees fit.

Over the years, Snap has invested heavily in solutions for performance marketers to drive their business, and this new addition will only increase the depth of it.

As mentioned by Snapchat: Advertisers on Snapchat already have access to a sophisticated offering, from tracking of campaigns with Snap Pixel to optimization of campaigns towards purchases and sync the product catalog.

Dynamic Ads now brings automated personalization to the platform for new ways to scale and drive impact very easily.

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Successful brands who tap into the buying power of Millennials and Gen Z know that it is essential to put these generations’ values at the forefront of their business strategy.

Growing up in a mobile first world, they value convenience, authenticity and creativity in the products and services they buy. This is why Dynamic Ads are a powerful solution.

It is a simple way to create mobile ads at scale, while preserving the identity of a brand’s products through appealing mobile-native templates.


Based on the product images and information you upload, Snap's Dynamic Ads will use in-built templates to create variations of different Snap ads in vertical view format.

Similar options are available on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest which enable businesses to upload their entire product catalogs in order to fuel their promotion efforts. Though Snapchat's offering goes a step further as it also combines these creative templates to better showcase your content, as opposed to adding it to a generic listing.

Advertisers will be able to choose from various templates, which will guide Snap's systems in building the relevant ads.

You have to select an audience for prospecting or re-engagement, and then enable Snap’s system to deliver your ads in real-time.

As changes to products occur (i.e. price or availability), the ads will adjust accordingly so you can run ‘always-on’ campaigns, to continuously tailor the shopping experience to Snapchatters’ preferred interests.

The process will make it easier for more brands to advertise on Snap. If you want to keep your campaigns run all the time, you just have to maintain your data flow through Snap and its systems will keep running your ads with the latest, relevant info.

If you are looking for a way to tap into Snapchat and reach its young audience, this could be an ideal solution that can help to measure your advertising potential on the platform.

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