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Chrome has a new ad-blocking policy for brands.

Chrome has around 64% of global browser market share and this move could be a huge turn for the marketers.

Ads are most prominently active on Google Chrome. To eradicate all the ‘annoying’ ads on Chrome, Google shall now block all the brand ads that do not conform to Better Ads Standards. This feature is known as ‘ad-filtering’ by Chrome, as it prefers to use the term ‘filter’ than ‘block’.



This is an initiative launched by the Coalition for Better Ads, that was prevalent in North America and Europe since February 2018. Now, Google extends it over 40 countries (on 9th July).

Sites are given 30 days to change how they display their ads, in accordance to the Better Ads Standards. Hence, publishers can either improve their content or be filtered out.

“We’ve also taken action to protect Chrome users from certain types of advertising that diminish their experiences online, a common complaint among Chrome users.”, says Ben Galbraith, Senior Director of Product, Chrome.

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A page on Chrome can belong to one of the 3 categories- Passing, Warning or Fail. Google has an Ad Experience Report which tells you if you have any violations in your site.

Most of the North American and European brands meet the Better Ads Standards, while other markets, including Asia have the highest customer ad-blocking frequency.

To save your brand from being in the blocked sites, make sure your ad DOES NOT:

  • have any offensive content that pop-up before the consumer has even accessed the website.
  • have videos that auto-play with sound.
  • cover more than one-third of the mobile screen.


Chrome and Facebook have modified for the betterment of creators, marketers and consumers; have you modified your ads for the same?


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