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LinkedIn Adds New 'Boost' Option for Organic Posts

We understand you're likely wearing numerous hats and managing multiple duties as a sophisticated marketer. 

How to Grow and Increase Your Youtube Channel Audience

Helloooo Marketers!!!

5G: A Marketing Trend for 2021

Every cellular technology generation which we call 1G, 2G, 3G has brought great advancements that only existed in our imaginations years ago. 

New Guide on Virtual Events on LinkedIn

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected every sector of the global economy. Events have been cancelled for social distancing to prevent the virus from…

'Keen' - A New Home to Share your Passion

Google has unveiled a new Pinterest-like app — Keen — which will allow people to collect and share ideas, links and resources. Keen, a web and…

Content Marketing Trends and Effects of COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed people's lives and livelihoods around the globe in a short span of time and has forced brands to fully face its effect on their…

LinkedIn Presents Key COVID-19 Insights and Content Ideas

For all the content strategists, a huge challenge right now is to strike the right note and to define which information is truly useful.

Instagram Released COVID-19 Playbook to Help Businesses Use the Platform Efficiently

Owing to the COVID-19 shutdowns and the pandemic's wider human effects, marketers continue to find it challenging to grasp where they are positioned…

Twitter Highlights the Emergence of Gaming

Gaming is a hot topic on all the social media platforms, and the recent rise could be directly linked to the Coronavirus pandemic, as many other…

Facebook Releases New Game App to Take on Twitch & YouTube

Facebook makes a move ahead in the gaming industry!

Pinterest Shares Tips on How to Interact with 'Inspired Shoppers' and Improve Sales

Pinterest is an excellent platform to browse and save inspiration for DIY projects, recipes, decorations, fashion and much more.

Tips to Simplify Remote Work Using Online Tools

COVID-19 has changed our lives drastically. It taught us the real meaning of the English proverb “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

Facebook and WhatsApp Launches New COVID-19 Information Center

Social media doors get wide opened, as many schools and workplaces across the nation have been shut down to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.…

LinkedIn Stories Are Coming Soon

Nowadays, the Stories format in social media is a new trend. It is one of the top ways to share content on social media and a mainstay of most social…

Snapchat's 'Scan a Brand Logo' Creates An Immersive AR Experience

Snapchat now moves forward with its new Snapchat Scan ad option. The scan option enables users to 'scan' a brand logo in order to offer a unique and…

Now You Can Reshare Instagram Stories that Mention Your Profile

Instagram stories serve as an outlet for brands. Instagram has added a new Stories @mention option to further tap the rising popularity of stories…

LinkedIn Introduces Live Streaming for Company Pages

LinkedIn has started a live-streaming option for company pages. Earlier, the LinkedIn Live option was available only in the US to selected users; but…

Instagram Adds New 'Poses' and ‘Layout’ Modes To Stories

We see a lot of updates by Instagram for its users to keep them hooked to its app. Here it is once again. Instagram has come up with two new features…

Bumper Ads: An Easy Way To Boost Your YouTube Ad Campaign

Everyday so much information is fed to our brain through various platforms that we are gradually losing patience to sit down watch, read, or listen…

YouTube Launches Updated Desktop and Tablet App Layout

YouTube brings homepage, a design that brings more features to the viewing experience on Home to help you find the next great video to watch.

Instagram’s New Reels Mode

A new feature is here by Instagram which aims to replicate the key functionality of rising app TikTok.

Pinterest Releases New Pin Format

Pinterest has now officially confirmed the roll out of its updated Pin format. It includes some minor functional tweaks and separates each Pin…

Latest Updates by Facebook

Facebook has come out with a new option which will enable advertisers to include multiple text variations for their ad copy, which Facebook's systems…

New Format for LinkedIn’s Daily Rundown

To keep tabs on industry news and trending stories can be essential to your day-to-day work.

Impact of Instagram Hiding ‘Like’ Counts

Marketing on Instagram is a popular way brands connect with their audiences. They do so with visuals. It has gained popularity as it’s an easier…

Google Launches 'Adaptive Anchor Banner' Ads

Banner ads aren't dead. Google still loves them, and in fact, try to improve them to reach and appeal to more people.

'Dynamic Ads' on Snapchat

One of the most impactful updates of the year is here.

Fine Tune Your Pins with the latest feature by Pinterest

As a marketer, you understand the importance of social media. With changes in the landscape of the internet, it is important to change your social…

Google Ensures Privacy; Instagram soon to have a Desktop Messenger App

Here's good news for all of you marketers from last week!

Upcoming Whatsapp Trends to Look Out For!

Since the time Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook; we have seen a constant surge of changes every now and then. There have been so many changes to…