Dhrumi Savla

A highly self-motivated and enthusiastic individual, who is always found playing with words in the form of poetry, short stories and blogs on various topics. She has a view point of her own in every situation, and is always hungry to learn and try out everything new!

Recent Posts

‘Experiment’ your Campaign Changes on Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Advertising has launched a new feature called ‘Experiments’ that lets advertisers test their campaign changes confidently.

Learn how Amazon Expands!

Amazon might buyout Uber Eats India business, and may include food delivery to its Prime!

Will Amazon beat Walmart?

The two huge players that have shaken retail businesses all over. Can they actually make a better place for itself in India?

Google Ranking Now based on Our Emotions

Did you ever think, Google is tracking your reactions while surfing through the web pages? How would it be if the search result ranking would be…

Shopping on Pinterest just got easier

Pinterest adds newer ways to shop from your favorite brands with personalized ideas at the top of the home feed and browse-able catalogues alongside…

AdSense App Discontinued by Google on IOS and Android

“Nearly 70% of AdSense audiences experience the web on mobile devices. With new mobile web technologies such as responsive mobile sites, Accelerated…

Pinterest attracts business pinners by introducing new video tools

With the rising demand for video content in this digitised world, Pinterest just introduced a new set of video tools to help businesses and creators…

Engagement of Sponsored Ads on Instagram Declining year after year

A new report finds out that influencers are receiving less engagement on their sponsored ads. This pattern of decline has been observed year after…

Launch of ‘Google for Small Business’

On the occasion of ‘International Small Business Day’ on 27th June 2019, Google launched a new website ‘Google for Small Business’ that will give…

Instagram hides Like Counts - Does it affect you as a brand?

Have you ever refrained yourself from uploading a picture on Instagram because it was a little blur, or you were looking elsewhere and it wasn’t as…

LinkedIn brings Full Funnel Experience

“You’ve shared with us that one of your biggest marketing challenges is ensuring your campaigns can meet increasingly complex business goals.”, says…

Chrome is getting some serious boost!

Are you an impulsive buyer? Do you get bored to fill in the same credit details over and over again while making a payment? Does it ever happen that…

Chrome has a new ad-blocking policy for brands.

Chrome has around 64% of global browser market share and this move could be a huge turn for the marketers.

Ads or No Ads?

Facebook now attracts creators by offering new video monetisation options