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Are you struggling to execute your plans


Most of us are good at planning but many of these plans don't see the light of the day. What stops us from getting things done? Why can’t we execute plans that we believe are important for our growth.Why can't we see through our commitments all the way. But at the same time we get real creative with excuses to avoid doing what we set out for. 

With so many plans failing i think vision by itself is of no consequence unless you act upon it. You may have the greatest plan chalked out but for it to reach its true potential you got to act upon it.

Dan Pink, in his book Switch uses an interesting analogy comparing our conscious and subconscious mind to an Elephant (Subconscious)and its Rider( conscious) travelling on a Path ( Tasks). He mentions that for us to persist all the way through & achieve our goals its important to tame our mind and plan our effort. This can be a daunting task but with the right approach not impossible.

I find this to be a great lesson for any startup entrepreneur struggling to get things finished.

Below are a few tips that can help you get things done

  • Assess your business to figure out what is working as expected. make notes to understand the paradigm and then figure out how you can apply what you learn in other areas
  • Keep things simple. Break complex goals into smaller bite size tasks.
  • Make sure to provide clear instructions to avoid ambiguity
  • Keep your lizard brain in check 
  • Always be explicit about what is your expected results
  • Make sure your team is invested in your vision - Leverage feelings and emotions to drive actions.
  • Build a sense of purpose & identity
  • Don’t get overwhelmed with excessive information.
  • Make sure your tasks are actionable chunks and proceed gradually
  • Tweak the environment to make it easier for your team to act
  • Habits are a keystone for success, so turn your important routines into habits and this should make it easier to get it done
  • Behaviour is contagious and spreads fast. So help your team build good habits and soon it will become a culture of your organisation.

These changes should help you & your team build a Doer mindset and deliver on your vision / plans



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