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5G: A Marketing Trend for 2021

Every cellular technology generation which we call 1G, 2G, 3G has brought great advancements that only existed in our imaginations years ago. 

Many of us can recall the first cell phone generation- they were huge, clunky and costly but they gave us a degree of connectivity that we never had before. Now, we have smartphones that have replaced so many devices in our lives.

Similarly, cellular technology has evolved from 1G to 5G.


cellular technology


Since the evolution of wireless technology through 4G (also known as LTE), we've seen the rise of smartphones, social media, and video and audio sharing.

After years of anticipation and a significant amount of speculation, cellular networks of fifth-generation- 5G have now become a reality. 

The 5G (fifth-generation wireless) network saw its first emergence in April 2019. This new wireless technology is about 10 times faster than its predecessor - the 4G network.

It will have a more profound impact on our lives than any technological change since the internet was invented, as it helps us to understand the value of a truly connected world.

5G aims to be a big game-changer, and the technical advancements it offers will allow marketers to be ready to make the most of what it brings to the table. 

It’s time to get ready for 5G marketing!

Here is how 5g will transform the business of media & entertainment

Greater Speed

The potential to transfer more data quickly comes with greater speed of about 10 gigabytes per second i.e., 100 times faster than 4G.

Faster connections would allow more people from anywhere to get online and more people online means growth of the market.

As 5G enables us to communicate and process data faster, we will be able to connect with more people than we have ever known before. 

While video is already a rapidly growing digital marketing segment, 5G's greater speed will take video marketing to the next level.

Lower Latency

It is expected that with it’s lower latency, 5G would improve wireless networking by bringing fibre-like speeds and extremely low latency capabilities to almost any area. 

It'll also allow us to connect in real time with our customers. 

Visualize having a live video chat with your customer in a remote area without any time lag. 

Connectability to More Devices at Once

5G is a mechanism that empowers the Internet of Things (IoT) to live up to its long-promised potential. 

iot roundup growth


Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) would be more relevant as marketing and sales teams will tailor consumer experience to their needs.

IoT helps us to know what our customers want on a continuous basis. It would encourage us to listen and respond to our customers’ needs and desires based on their behaviour.

What 5G means for marketers?

Digital dominance paired with automations  and huge amounts of data will provide newer possibilities to reach the target audience. 5G will be a game changer for marketers. 

The incorporation of technology into the marketing world was inevitable, but with the widespread adoption of 5G, digital will fully take over.

With just a few years left before 5G walks on stage, now is the time to look at how 5G can affect marketing and how marketers should plan to acquire benefits of 5G technology.

Increased Use of Personalised Marketing

It would produce an enormous amount of data as the frequently used devices are connected to 5G. 

Thus, if advertisers have access to high-quality consumer data, it will help them better understand their client's needs that opens the door to personalized marketing.

personalized marketing through 5G


With advanced location-based marketing, you'll be able to create personalized ads to connect with consumers at the right time and place. 

Augmented Reality will Become Even More Realistic

Big brand marketers have played with AR and VR for years. Many have developed AR-based Snapchat or Instagram filters, while some sponsor product placements in VR-based video games. 

We'll see a dashboard of a car displaying commercials in the coming days. This will open a variety of advertising opportunities. 

A network with lower latency, high device flexibility and more consistency is needed for such a seamless experience. And 5G digital marketing is the absolute solution to take such an advantage.

Will the advertising industry be affected by 5G?

With data exchanged at high speeds, advertisements will load faster on mobile phones and desktops and will reduce the number of visitors dropping off because of loading delays.

While buffer time and other technology limitations made ads appear unfeasible in the past, 5G will make this tactic more accessible to marketers.

Video ads are the most viewed content on the Internet. When 5G reduces the page load time and buffering, the video consumption will increase. 

Cisco's visual networking index white paper notes that by 2022 video traffic will account for 82% of all web traffic.

video marketing through 5G Marketing


5G will have a major impact on content as users will get to watch videos of high quality faster than ever before. As a result, marketers will need to take due diligence in creating great video content for their 5G marketing strategy.

Rise in Interactive Advertising

Apart from a wide variety of digital ads, selling content with 5G's high-speed capabilities could become more interesting. 

While ads that required viewers to interact with the content once seemed unrealistic with buffer time and other technical constraints, 5G could make this strategy more accessible for marketers.

Finally, there will be plenty of ways for advertisers to produce compelling high-resolution ads to reach consumers.

How will 5G change digital marketing?

In a 5G world, marketing will be purely data-driven where you share your message to targeted individuals, not the masses making it cost-effective and efficient.

Today, we only see digital ads on our tablets, websites and sometimes on screens at malls, shopping centers, or airports. 

But with the emergence of 5G technology, wireless internet will be quicker and more widespread even in remote areas of the country. 

Moreover, with the high network speeds, graphics and images in each ad will be more detailed. 

Apart from being able to bring high-quality ads on screens in more places, marketing experts say that certain advertisers might also experiment with virtual reality advertising, where people wearing special AR glasses or using AR cameras may see an ad pop up wherever they are.

How will 5G impact business?

5G with it’s high frequency and lower latency will surpass the issues of tracking data and connectivity, allowing businesses to know more about the customers

Along with high speed, 5G would also allow businesses to collect more data that was not possible earlier with Wi-Fi or older versions of cellular networks.

This means that if you connect to the internet in the near future, you are likely to run into less time lag and more capabilities.

How will 5G change social media?

The demographics of the audience will broaden as 5G connects social media users from various countries and languages. 

Social media will become more incorporated into everyone's everyday routines as driverless cars and smart buildings streamline commuting and the workday.

As social media becomes a greater part of people's daily lives around the world, it will become increasingly crowded with content, influencers, and new platforms. 

In the new 5G era, polishing your brand and accentuating what makes you stand out in a larger market will become increasingly important in coming years.

How to Keep Pace with the 5G Marketing World ?

We can associate the shift from 4G to 5G with the transformation of smart phones from mechanical telephones.

When 4G was rolled out, no one could have expected the business models that developed with the support of mobile broadband such as Spotify and Uber. 

Most possibly the same would be true for 5G. 

It'll be exciting to see what new 5G inventions will come into being. It will also be a time when marketers need to keep their eyes open for this marketing trend for 2021. 

With all the developments in technology, marketers will need to keep their best interests in mind to take greater advantage of all the new opportunities that are opening up for them and their users and avoid being left behind.

It’s time to greet a new world of 5G Marketing!

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